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Former popular TV talk show host Phil Donahue appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss the networks favorite topic… Donald Trump. If host Stephanie Ruhle was expecting to find common cause with Donahue and speak with a man who despised the President as much as the rest of her network does… she was sorely disappointed.

Well, I think people are welcoming finally a pushback. This is a two-way street. I don’t think the press should get in the mosh pit. I think they have to all be big boys, big girls and take the hits, take the hits and hope that we have a — an audience that understands this and the people who are beating up Trump are the people that are getting beat up by Trump will fall of their own weight. 

I just think it’s a bad thing for the press to get in to the punching game. And by the way, in my experience, I don’t — there are a lot of people in the press who can’t take a punch. Maybe I couldn’t either. I don’t remember, but, you know, I think it’s important for you to be above this and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re not supposed to be popular. You’re supposed to tell people often what they don’t want to hear. That’s your job and of course the problem is, if you’re not popular, you don’t get promoted in the news game and somebody else will have to feed your kids. It’s a tough dilemma for news.

When Ruhle wondered how we got to where we are today… Donahue blamed the media.

I think this hostility to media began in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner… in 2011, it was Seth Meyers was the host and the joke was — Donald Trump was in the audience — and the joke was what is Donald Trump going to run as, and the joke was, oh, I thought he was going to run as a joke. ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha.’ You took a picture of Donald Trump sitting there not laughing in the audience and all the press surrounding him ‘ha-ha-ha-ha,’ laughing and laughing. I mean it made me wince because I thought it was a humiliation — one of the worst.

Donahue finally chided the media to stop being in the tank for Democrats and opposed to the GOP. He reminded them that many good Americans voted to elect the President.

Let’s just remember this. A lot of very nice people voted for Donald Trump… if you forget that and I hear — I see and hear the op-ed in the papers today,The Washington Post and The New York Times, these people can’t find enough adjectives to express their disgust for this president and yet they missed the story, they missed the story. 

These are the same people, by the way, who voted — every major metropolitan newspaper in this country, Stephanie, voted — or supported the invasion of iraq. Put your arm around that for a moment. Every major metropolitan newspaper supported the invasion of iraq. 

We have a rah-rah media. We worship the White House, the president and his power. And they missed the guy in the midwest whose working long hours without a pay raise whose kids can’t pay back their college loans and they read in the paper where a hedge fund guy made a million dollars on Thursday. You know, you can’t do this to people…

 And those are the ones that went ka-boom and voted for Trump and we missed that story. 

Sadly, even as they’re having this conversation about the media being too anti-Trump, Ruhle’s running commentary is dripping with disdain for the President.

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