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As President Trump rolled out his re-election campaign in Orlando, the Democrat Party proved they have more and more become the party of communists, criminals, and corruption even as their media, suffering from TDS, claimed that Democrats were ready to win another landslide in 2020.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real mental illness among leftist deceivers and their liberal dupes.  They don’t listen to what Trump says, but then characterize what he says as “dark,” “delusional,” and “lies.”  This kind of poisonous rhetoric can only produce people who are depressed, manic, and dangerously hateful.  We have seen the results on college campuses with Antifa attacking people at free speech events, BLM criminals assassinating police, and adult Democrats assaulting kids for wearing MAGA caps.

Democrats say Republicans are an existential threat to the USA, yet it is they who want to tear up the Constitution and tear down our social norms while claiming they stand for what is normal.  They say Republicans are unlawful, yet it is they who violate immigration and voter law.  The existential threat to America is communism being bred in the Democrat Party under the guise of anti-fascism.  They continue the Russian collusion fraud declaring Trump to be a criminal while they help real criminals to have rights over citizens and trying to cover up their own party’s leader’s crimes that are under investigation.  Obama “transparent and scandal free?”  You can stop up a sewage plant with those lies.

Fox & Friends discusses Trump’s re-election campaign 7AM 6-19-19

  • (Deranged stupidity by Democrat candidates – min 8:50-17:23)
  • (A montage of hate and slander by leftwing media – min 28:44-34:06)

Excerpts from President Trump’s Speech:

“The Democrat party has become more radical, more dangerous, and more unhinged than at any point in our modern history.”

“The Democrat agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible.”

“No one who supports sanctuary cities should be allowed to run for President of the United States.”

Bernie Sanders called his speech “an hour and a half speech of lies, distortions, and total absolute nonsense.”

“Listening to Trump made me feel very much that he is a man living in a parallel universe.  A man way out of touch with the needs of ordinary people.  And a man who must be defeated.”

Being out of touch is Bernie Sanders advocating for criminals to vote from prison.  This goes hand in hand with all leftist socialist ideologues who always turn to criminals as their primary support on the promise of freeing them.  The delusional one is Bernie who’s so dead between the ears that he thinks he speaks righteously about making the evilest ideology in the modern world rule over Americans.  Democrats are saying California is proof of the failure of capitalism when it is proof that capitalism only failed in that state because they instituted socialism.

Kamala Harris said;

“This president wants us to keep looking in the rearview mirror instead of looking out of the front windshield. This is a president who wants to make America great again instead of making America great today.  He does not understand that we need a leader of our United States who is focused on the challenges of the 21st century.”

What Americans want to keep in their rearview mirror is the Obama presidency of crushing the American economy and military while sending American taxpayer’s dollars to our worst enemies.  What needs to be kept in the rearview mirror is the Islamic jihad and socialist revolutions that destroy wealth and lives.  And what kind of sense does she think she’s making talking about making America great today?  The 21st-century challenge for America is crushing worldwide Islamist terror and socialist theft.

Joe Biden tweeted;

“Let’s be clear: President Trump inherited a growing economy from the Obama/Biden administration.  And now he’s in the process of squandering it.”

That economy was growing at the “new normal” of less than 1% with coal mines shut down by presidential order and manufacturing jobs being sent overseas.  Since Donald Trump “waved his magic wand” of eliminating Obama’s taxes and regulations, America’s economy is growing so fast that the Fed increased rates to slow it down.  Manufacturing jobs are returning to the USA at the rate of 16,000 a month under Trump’s leadership.  And how is he “squandering it?”  Building a wall to stop an invasion?  Rebuilding the military Obama had depleted to make America weak?

Biden also said;

“Trump continues to undermine our standing in the world.  Our core values of inclusivity, diversity, and respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion are under attack here at home and abroad.”

Is this what Democrats say to black female lesbian Republicans?  Democrats are the ones who continue to undermine Trump by making underhanded deals with America’s enemies like Iran.  They continue to slander Republicans as Nazi racists when it is they who are promoting racism and fascism in America.  When they speak of “respect for the rule of law” what kind of joke is it when they violate immigration daily and voter law at every opportunity?  They violate immigration law every day and voter law every election.

They are the ones attacking freedom of speech saying that Republicans who demand that criminals be prosecuted is “hate speech,” and that their own slanderous, libelous media is being silenced as they shout their multitude of lies over the airwaves.  People turning them off is not suppressing free speech but exercising our right against noise pollution.  These are the same clowns that claim Trump declaring his innocence is obstruction of justice.  And what religion is being attacked here at home and abroad?  They persecute Christians and promote the causes of Islam and atheism.  As Christians are being murdered en masse in Africa and Asia by Islamic jihadis, they claim Trump banning Moslems coming from terror exporting countries is an attack on freedom of religion?  Tell Democrats, GFY!

Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

Congressional Clowns Display Delusional Dysfunction

Democrats Declare Hillary and Obama Guilty of Treason Should Face Death

Chiquita Khrushchev calls detention centers “concentration camps”

Meanwhile, resident communist pseudo-intellectual, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) declared that ICE detention centers for those crossing the border illegally are America’s “concentration camps.”  Wearing glasses didn’t make her appear any more intelligent because her mouth still moved to make stupid words.  Sen. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called her out for her smears and slanders of America.  Cortez responded with the stupidest nonsense to come out of a young person’s mouth reminiscent of sleepy old Joe Biden’s mindless ramblings;

“She used the term ‘extermination’ which is co-opting the language of that.  You know, that term implies the people who died in the Holocaust.  It doubles down on the rhetoric that justified it.  And so, I think it’s, uh, I think she’s the one who needs to do her homework.”

The brilliant Elizabeth Cheney body slammed AOC’s stupidity saying,

“We’ve had a long history, if you go back, of people who really are leftwing zealots ignoring history, ignoring facts to pursue their causes to try to convince people of the rightness of their causes.”

She laughingly calls blithering idiot Cortez the new “intellectual leader of the Democrat House.”  Like Biden saying Democrat’s “respect the rule of law,” Cortez has no understanding of the difference between American immigration law detaining border violators and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.  This is a mental illness, that Democrats keep electing low-grade morons like AOC, Waters, and others to represent them in Washington to make laws.

AOC vs. Liz Cheney exchange over American “concentration camps”

Socialist Truths

The facts of life are born out in history.  The people who advocate for socialism in America today are promoting communism, fascism, and every branch of socialism in history that has destroyed lives and wealth.  A free nation like America has leaders who combat criminals, while socialist nations have tyrants combatting freedom fighting rebels.  Liberals confuse the two due to their ignorance of history and modern politics in which they believe the lies they are told without learning the facts or believing in misrepresented facts.  They believe what righteous thinkers say is what is false without examining the facts to determine the truth for themselves.  Lacking a moral compass is the hallmark of their lemming mentality.

The factual truth that socialism in the 20th century is what produced communism, fascism, and Nazism with their gulags and concentration death camps, that they were joined by the imperialist Japanese and the brainwashed Islamists in their Jihad against the Christian West, is what produced the most deadly combination in world history.  Islam alone can account for a billion lives destroyed over the course of centuries, but socialism killed over 200 million people in the 20th century alone.  How liberals fail to understand this, how they believe that the far right isn’t devout Christianity, but the home of Nazism, is how self-deluding their ideology makes them.

The left cannot be permitted to overthrow America’s Constitution.  Democrat’s voter fraud campaign, especially ballot harvesting, is the greatest existential threat to America today.  They were able to overturn congressional elections in California despite twenty-point leads by Republicans.

Democrat Voter Fraud Techniques Legal and Illegal are all WRONG:

  • Ballot harvesting
  • Dead people voting
  • Giving criminals the vote
  • Allowing illegal alien invaders to vote
  • Unconstitutionally changing the electoral college
  • Straight up fraudulent votes making laws to allow fraudulent voting

Watching the Trump rallies vs. any Democrat’s rallies is proof that there is massive voter fraud being conducted by Democrats.  When even a twenty-point lead is not enough in California to keep Republican districts, no electoral district is safe.  If they are able to do this on a state-wide basis in swing states to flip the election, then America could go down in flames.

Either Republicans had better emulate their tactics or President Trump must outlaw their fraud by Executive Order.  Absentee voting should be eliminated, and military votes need to be counted on base from which results are sent to districts rather than allowing Democrat pollsters to discard their ballots.  American’s demand voter ID laws that Democrats call “racist” just as they call everything Republicans do “racist.”  “Every vote must be counted” is the Democrat lie to preserve their illegal ballots.  Time for America to throw the truth in Democrat’s faces the way President Trump does every day.

President Trump’s Full Speech Orlando 6-19-19 (I dare you to say what is “dark”)

The only “darkness” in President Trump’s speech is his threat to dig out the truth behind the Obama regime spying on his campaign, their exoneration of Hillary for her crimes, their persecution of himself and his voters, and their violations of legal immigration laws and unconstitutional voter laws.  The darkness is Democrats operating with America’s enemies like Iran to undermine American interests.  The darkness is Democrats supporting communist regimes in South America forcing people to flee and then creating vast homeless camps in sanctuary states blaming capitalism for the crises in states they control.  Their socialism produced the new California with millions of homeless living in the shadow of their millionaire elites.  Let them eat what they drop on their streets.

President Trump is the bright light restoring the shining city on the hill, but he is in danger from the left that wants America destroyed.  It’s not Trump calling Republicans to violence.  It is Democrats like Biden, et al, taking after Obama who says they need to beat Republicans through violence.  How did that work out for them last time in the first Civil War?  They ignored the Reagan revolution that rebuilt America’s economy that encouraged Republicans to move out of northern Democrat union-controlled states.  They think northern Republicans became Democrats and southern rednecks became Republicans.  Democrat’s erroneous beliefs are as two-faced as their ideology and rhetoric.  America needs to wake up and stop being fooled by these pretenders.

President Trump says he will live tweet during the Democrat debates.  Let them get a taste of their own medicine when they live fact-checked him declaring everything he said to be a lie when all he spoke was the truth.  This is what we love about Trump.  He fights fire with fire and doesn’t fight fair just as Democrats do.  NeverTrumpers are the betrayers who say this isn’t right or fair as if they are the moral arbiters of what is right and wrong in war.  All is fair in love and war as Democrats point out whenever their lies succeed.

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