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Excel 1

Elected Democrats brag “Social Security is our most successful program,” and we agree with them having done a comprehensive, Excel system analysis. It has given them more money to spend with no consequence than anything before Fed Chair Ben Bernanke invented, “…putting T-Bonds on a shelf.” That maneuver will turn us into Cuba or Venezuela and put Ben in the annals of infamy even in the liberal, fawning major media.

This Excel spreadsheet system shows the difference between our socialistic retirement system and a free market alternatives. It also documents the reason our government is considering confiscating all private retirement programs to pay the national debt and in return give the victims a Social Security pension! “Be happy!” They think they can sell this to the people as a patriotic gesture!

Refusal to participate will be a felony, but a new industry will pop up with ways to defeat the elected ruling robbers. We are working on ways to work-around this disaster. When John Dillenger was asked why he robbed banks he said, “That’s where the money is!” The elected people were listening and we the people are “the bank.”

The first vertical column is the age of the example, the second the year, third is his salary, based on averages at the time, including inflation, the SSI deposit and the fourth column the sum of deposits.

The next three columns are for the interest earned from banks during each period, initially 6%, the 8% earned by investing in the DOW 30 top stocks, per historical data, and the 20% earned by investors who used recommendations of “Value Line” or “Investors Business Daily,” again from historic data. The bottom line is for sums of each column.

You can estimate how much you would have on your expiration by assuming you will probably live about as long as your elders of your sex. Generally this is a good predictor. After you stop working you continue investing while drawing an equitable amount, which you can change from year to year and thus fine-tune your equities. Here are the three cases:


If your SSI money had been put in a bank you could take $240,000 a year from the total and if you lived to be 90 you would still have $182,376 in your estate, not the $250 given under SSI.

Had you spent a little time each month putting money in one of the DOW 30 stocks, you could take $850,000 per year and at age 90 still have $660,062 and this is conservative as learning a few rules like “buying on dips,” “selling on pops or peaks,” etc would raise this significantly.

Had you subscribed to Value Line and Investors Business Daily, read them well, learned a bit on trading, you could spend $1 million per year and still have $45 billion left if you live to 90! Of course you would have a secretary and staff to help you manage all your money, book TV and radio appearances. And, most remarkably, you never made over $42,378 on your job! You would have very likely made an adjustment along the way…

Crazy as this sounds it is mathematically valid and if you did not do this you can blame yourself, liberalism and all of the evil people to whom capitalism, corporation and modern agriculture are swear words. Need we say they are liars and crazy. There is more for all with capitalism.

Where it is so easy to set up these systems we had to wonder why the elected ruling class let this happen when such investment would expand the economy with more investment capital?

Only one of every 1,300 US Patents makes more than it’s fees, about $500. The reason is not that 1299 were bad ideas. The reason is that there is not enough capital to make many good ideas happen.

Privatizing Social Security, ripping it from the hands of our closet Socialists, would go a long way to making Earth a planet of abundance. America can make that happen.

For the elected ruling class more power to the people is a threat as it diminishes the stripped pants people. This is why all governments tend to socialism. We have to accept these are people who would love a world in which their arrivals would cause throngs to fall to their knees screaming, “We are not worthy! We are not worthy!”

We were not paying attention when JFK said, “We don’t choose to go to the moon because it is easy. We do it because it is hard!” Crazy! Why did we believe, “If you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor! Period!” Or in 1992, Al Gore saying, “If we don’t do something all of Florida and New York City will be under water in ten years!” There is something very wrong with the American psyche, culture and education.

If you have doubt about this system or want to experiment with it we will be glad to send it to you as Excel file with a PDF instruction file from “[email protected]

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