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Anyone who has ever owned a boat knows the old saying “Owning a boat is like owning a hole in the water you keep throwing money into”. Boats cost a lot of money to maintain. Democrats are like the taxpayer’s boat. Just look at some of the cities they run. Every city run by Democrats is dead broke and/or deeply in debt and some look and smell more like an overturned latrine than a modern, civilized metropolis. Even for a hole in the water, the Democrat boat is pretty leaky.

The latest from a very long list of taxpayer abuses come from the House Intel Chair’s Adam Schiff. After two years of a special counsel spending millions on a big nothing burger, Schiff announced a massive investigation on the Presidents finances and ….. drum roll please …. RUSSIA!

Democrats are simply trying to do everything in their power to prevent the President from governing, the people and the Constitution be dammed. Unfortunately for the people, the press is goose-stepping right alongside the DNC for riches and ratings. So far millions have been spent on the taxpayer’s dime and it still isn’t enough.

What are they going to find out that President Trump is rich? Yeah, we knew he was rich when we hired him and I’m pretty sure the entire world knew. What I don’t understand is how the career members of Congress got so rich. After all members of Congress make their living off the people’s purse strings and considering the costs for being a Congressman it really isn’t all that much. And yet most of them live in mansions and have an investment portfolio in the millions. Can we say “insider trading” boys and girls? Maybe someone should investigate that. Of course, we won’t ask the “legacy” media to investigate because we know better than that.

Think of all the poor people, especially in the inner cities that could have been lifted out of poverty with the money already spent in the Donald Trump and family witch hunt. Hey if they are going to spend the money I worked hard to make I’d much rather it go to help those Americans. In fact from what has been spent already combined with what Schiff will likely spend  I bet the American people could have funded the entire Trump wall instead, which of course would be a huge help to poor Americans struggling to change their own stars.

Democrats might want to think of the long term effects of allowing their representatives to piss away so much money that could have been used instead in a much more substantial and sustainable way. The money they have spent has helped no one. And if they think that preventing Trump from governing is going to mean that if they ever get a turn at bat again they themselves will be allowed to govern they are seriously kidding themselves.

The next Democrat president is going go through hell for the precedents they are setting here and it simply amazes me that they can’t see this. Maybe it is true what so many say about people on the left. They can’t understand normal thinking because they have a mental disorder. But what can one expect from the party of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Sandy from Westchester (AOC).

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