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Open Letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo!”

CNN reports, “(CNN)Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday sought to reassure allies of the US’ commitment to the fight against ISIS, despite nearly two months of tumult and mixed messaging from the Trump administration.

In remarks to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS ministerial at the Department of State, Pompeo acknowledged that “there is more work ahead of us” to permanently defeat ISIS.

C-Span reports Secretary Pompeo delivered remarks at the State Department on the fight against ISIS. “You all know why we’re here. ISIS remains a menace, one that it’s our generation’s responsibility to stop,” he says.

I24 also includes 2 video reports on “What to Expect From Coalition to Combat Isis” and “Trump’s Address to the Global coalition to Defeat Isis.”

Intriguingly, the U.S. Department of State reveals there are 79 “Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS” Partners.

And ISIS-welcoming Canada is one of the 79. But wait! Canada is in no way honoring its role in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.  Indeed, the Communist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes ISIS north of the US border as you read this!

The Toronto Sun exposes the hypocrisy: “Trudeau Liberals weaving ‘welcome home’ mat for ISIS returnees” is a hard-hitting no-holds-barred article on ISIS barbarians returning to Canada!

The Sun: “With returning Canadian-born ISIS fighters now in the news, we know where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands concerning such a homecoming, based on what he told CTV two years ago, despite Cirillo’s murder and in spite of the atrocities they may have committed in Syria and Iraq.

Normal terrorist stuff: Beheadings, rapes, torture, the burning alive of captors, the tossing of homosexuals to their deaths off cliffs or towers.

BONOKOSKI: Trudeau Liberals weaving ‘welcome home’ mat for ISIS returnees

“The usual barbarism. Trudeau sees these terrorists, men, and women who left Canada and embraced radical Islam to fight under the enemy flag of ISIS, as potentially valuable contributors to our society. He sees them as educators.”

Many rapists and decapitators returning to Canada are Somalians from Alberta, trained overseas, following the ineffective protests of Albertan Somali parents, whose mere presence causes Canadians who live near them to not shop at convenience stores at night.

“It will be eight years, or more if returning ISIS, especially Somalians, assimilate into Canadian culture,” revealed one fearful resident, speaking for many who are shocked by Trudeau’s ISIS sympathies.

Clearly, the U.S. Department of State – and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – must not only recommit to destroying ISIS but define well the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS requirements on the part of its coalition members  Start with ISIS-sanctuary Canada!

As you read this, Canada’s Trudeau seriously endangers the US northern border, by allowing ISIS to flee its Syrian battleground and find sanctuary in Canada.

Trudeau’s pro-terrorist sympathies are innumerable.  Here is just one:

“Justin Trudeau should never have agreed to a secret deal that gave a convicted terrorist, millions of dollars. Seeking money from the Canadian taxpayer is just a sign of continuing contempt for the country that Khadr has fought against,” Mr. Scheer said.

Mr. Khadr pleaded guilty in 2012 to killing U.S. Delta Forces Sergeant Christopher Speer so he could be moved to a Canadian prison.  Mike Pompeo!  Should a terrorist murdering a US citizen be given sanctuary in Canada and awarded $10.5 million?

Terrorists and potential terrorists (for recruiting) are now unleashed into Canada from “the world’s worst countries.”  So, Mr. Pompeo, what ARE the strict requirements of coalition members in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS?  Does the ongoing US betrayal by the liberal Justin Trudeau qualify him as a candidate for Gitmo?

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