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The Ruling Establishment that includes Democrats, #NeverTrump Republicans, and the Deep State Media view Donald Trump the way King George viewed Thomas Jefferson. “How dare this peasant, this nobody, proclaim independence from Us?”

In 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected 45th President of the United States without the Establishment’s permission and over their strenuous objections. Is it any wonder why Establishment prigs, including George Will, hate We the People?

But before you blame Donald Trump for breaking the china, consider where we as a nation stood. We were one election away from a total transformation from the United States as founded into a nation like Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua—all countries where the common people live under the boot of the dictatorial Deep State.

Consider such people for what they are: Psychopaths with a thirst for power, not unlike the European aristocracy of old, where a few people were born to rule and the majority were born to be serfs. But, the United States of America is a nation founded by pious men, imperfect and given to compromise just as we are today, but also determined to create a government that not only respected the rights of citizens but used its powers to guarantee those rights and freedoms.

And for four score and seven years, we lived as free men and women until one political party started a civil war that, sadly, killed 600 thousand people between 1861 and 1865. Enraged by Democrats having been defeated in the field, an actor murdered the man responsible for the end of slavery.

History proves the Republican Congress had to fight and push back hard over Democrat Party determination to not give former slaves citizenship or the right to vote. Democrats forced Lincoln and Republicans to pass the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. Three years later, Republicans thwarted Democrats again by passing the 14th Amendment that declared former slaves to be citizens.

After the period of Reconstruction, enforced by Union (Republican) troops, the Democrats devised poll taxes, literacy tests, and other forms of Jim Crow to keep former slaves from voting. Democrats opposed the Civil Rights initiatives which passed with Republican votes. Bull Connor, water hoses, dogs, clubs, and other means were used by Democrats to keep the former slaves (now citizens) in their place. Democrat rule in the South lasted until the 1980s.

Beginning with the election of Ronald Reagan, however, the death grip the Democrats had on the region loosened. For the next few decades, the power of that party lessened and is virtually non-existent now as the Democrats saw the writing on the wall and switched tactics. From the 1960s on, Democrats pushed “Great Society” anti-poverty programs that had the effect of forcing fathers from the home. So began the slow-motion disintegration of the family and the creation of blighted urban areas under the control of Democrats. President Lyndon Johnson said of his Great Society, “We’ve locked up their votes for the next two hundred years.”

With the election of Donald J. Trump, We the People see incontrovertible proof Democrats are the inveterate racists they accuse Republicans of being. Hillary Clinton quipped that a reporter’s confusion between Cory Booker and Eric Holder was understandable since they “all look alike”.

Did we hear anything from the Deep State media? Did we listen to an incensed Don Lemon condemn the bigoted remark? We did not because the Deep State media doesn’t criticize other Deep State Democrats, no matter the justification.

So, think about that as the same bigots from the same old racist political party accuse Americans of “nativism” because we oppose the invasion from Central America. And make no mistake, the only reason crazy Democrats don’t oppose the invaders is because they’re needed to replace the voters who’ve awoken and left their insanity behind.

Need I point out the God of the Bible opposes open borders? Well, He does. Acts 17:26.

But the people who wish to impose open borders on the USA are the same people that hate everything about the United States, from our founding to our victories against the British, the Democrat Party, the Kaiser, and Hitler. The idea that average people are individuals answerable to our Creator is anathema. These self-proclaimed socialists want everyone to be the same: to live in the same shacks, to work the same dead-end jobs, and never, ever show our faith in the God they despise.

That is the primary reason God said, “Enough.”

He chose a man to be our president to make us prosperous again, to restore our freedom, to make America great again. Our duty to Him as well as to our fellow Americans is to finish the job begun two years ago. We stand on the cusp of final victory against the racist Democrats, the psychopathic Deep State, and the lying, fake media.

If you haven’t voted as yet (and millions of Republicans have voted early for the first time ever) then make Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the date that you pushed back against the totalitarians that hoped to force us to submit to global government.

And, on Wednesday, let’s begin the discussion on where to relocate the United Nations headquarters.

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