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The Useless, Lying, Corrupt, Crooked, Drunks, Thieves in the United States Congress are attempting to Screw President Trump over Russia and anything else they can come up with because he is not politically correct nor does he kiss their butts and like 98% of all voters has little or no respect for any and all of them due to their refusal to work together, clean up their act and work for the American people instead of doing everything to help themselves.

These scumbags have refused to punish Crooked Hillary and her Clinton Foundation for breaking every rule that could be broken while she and her “Rapist Husband” sold out our United States of America for millions of dollars to fund their bank account.

Lying Hillary and her family are the most corrupt people to ever leave the White House.  If you recall they had to return furniture, etc; when they left and their employees destroyed offices, computers and many items upon their departure.

Hillary has left her mark on the Leaders of the world, peddling her tail to the highest bidders, selling influence, lies, State Secrets and even worse left many files in her room after leaving for our enemies to find……..She cause Navy Seals to die, killed an Ambassador, refused to send help in to our Warriors under Fire while her crooked, lying ass was protected.

Her and Rapist Bill’s lies have come back to bite them during her run for the President of the United States.

Back To Our Useless Congress…….They patted her on her back, forgave Bill the Rapist for his stupidity…….never investigated either one for the “Mysterious Sucides” that happened before and during his term as President. Let her sell government secrets, use personal email servers which the FBI confirmed and do whatever the hell she wants and not question anything.

Trump is the enemy of Congress, Obama, Clintons and our lying media comes up with all kind of lies and BS  wanting to attempt to destroy him for being a Businessman, An American Patriot for wanting to clean Washington, DC up and for not kissing their butts……..

None of these idiots can understand that the majority of Voters have had enough of Congress, The Clintons, Obama and the lying media and we the people are getting tired of Trump being discriminated against while the real crooks in DC go free.

Can you imagine Crooked, Lying Hillary being a “Saint, anointed by the Pope”…… this would make the Reverend Pimps Jackson and Sharpton jealious and they would holler the Pope is Racist by not  anointing them as they are equal to Lying Hilary.

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