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Don’t you find it appalling that there are people who claim they are “serving the public” yet fleece the taxpayer every chance they get?


They say they can’t afford the cost of tax cuts as if the money they are talking about is theirs.  They say they are against earmarks but they fight tooth and nail to obtain them with no shame of their hypocrisy.  They can’t produce a balanced budget, they have run a debt that cannot be paid and they continue to expect respect for being the equivalent of a mobster.  They talk of killing a PFC who obtained some information that showed what a posh  ineffectual bunch we have  in the Diplomatic corps and they learn nothing when their party gets a “shellacking”.  If this sounds like a tirade against just Democrats  this is not the case.  The Republicans learned nothing from the shellacking they got in 2008. Iowa’s own Senator Grassley pushed for continuing the ethanol subsidy ( pure pork barrel earmark) and Senator Harkin was siding with Bernie Sanders in avoiding a vote on stopping the tax increase.


When you can no longer trust or reason with politicians they become targets for removal from office.  We need a complete House ( and Senate ) cleansing.  When politicians realize they cannot hold office for term after term they will cease to be arrogant and unresponsive.  When the gravy train is no longer a way to legally steal and the passengers must pull their weight  by doing what they were hired to do  (namely protect, not violate individual rights) perhaps the momentum will switch from adulation of the pompous to respect for the taxpayer.  We have been too lenient on our public servant employees.  Its time to tighten up the reins and get the message of “whoa” to the runaways that refuse to be trained.


The establishment politicians learned they were not as popular with the American electorate as they envisioned was sufficient.  Yet they still cling to the illusion they created that they are “serving the public”.  Violating individual rights doesn’t serve anyone .  Yet that is the primary function of a government which means its employees, its elected and appointed officials, its judges, its military, and its police force.  These functions are why the government is created and paid for my the citizens.  Slipping in a  violation like the confiscation of earnings and property is overlooked and never challenged by those who enter this cabal ot criminality.  Their purpose is to gain as much power as possible and maintain that power by promises they cannot keep with resources they don’t have.  So what will they do with that power?  Flitting from crisis to crisis with “pragmatic” solutions that only last until the disruption becomes a necessity ot repeal.


Power in government should only be for the purpose of protecting individual rights.  The individual rights of the individual people who pay for the maintenance of the government.  No one willing hires a mob to take their earnings , regulate their business and turn them into criminals by passing laws that impact rational choices.  Yet this scam is not recognized or criticized.  It is acceptable since no other alternative has been presented and it is habitual in that it goes unquestioned.


Perhaps with the advent of social media these ideas will be scrutinized more carefully and rational alternatives will emerge.  Perhaps people will see now that the political and media filters are no longer sacred, ideas that challenge their muffled adherence to drifting slavery may be destroyed.  Since reason is a faculty that must be chosen it is only possible that the right ideas will emerge and take hold.  Ignoring the frantic shouts and threats may be overridden by the courage of this evil to stand up and speak and ask what has been ignored.  Just as the term Islamic terrorism took on an unspoken truth so too other myths such as the Great Recession caused by financial organizations.  Ask yourself why a financial organization would see a recession as something it would like to occur?   Only the constant rants of the politicians and the media have drowned out the inquiry of who was really at fault.


The title of this article is a statement a criminal might utter.  When a politician says it and then proceeds to implement it the inference that this is a criminal in disguise of a politician is obvious.  The opulence  and unearned respect for such behavior needs to be recognized and the ensuing shame accepted by those who have evaded who their commonality resides with.  Disdain for these evasions is required.


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