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Published with permission from Gary Gindler

Who would have guessed that the theoretical Buridan’s jackass, popularized by the 14th-century French philosopher, would correctly predict the behaviour of the different kind of jackasses — namely, the Democratic Party of the United States?  The proverbial equally hungry and thirsty donkey was positioned precisely midway between a pile of hay and a pail of water.  Our poor hypothetical jackass died because it could not make a rational decision about its priorities.

Does this sound familiar?

Democrats are eager to impeach president Trump, yet at the same time, they are eager to avoid such impeachment.  They cannot make a rational decision on how to proceed, because they have painted themselves into a corner on the issue.  They bombarded the country with various hoaxes for years, telling Americans that Trump is Russia’s asset.  If they start the impeachment proceedings against Trump, independents will abandon Democrats (independents will not tolerate the prosecution of innocent men), and they will lose the 2020 elections.  If Democrats put brakes the impeachment plans, their brainwashed base will abandon them; the Democrats will still lose the 2020 elections, just as Buridan’s jackass died between two choices.

It is well known that Donald Trump is an opportunist.  He detects that the Democrats self-cornered themselves on some issue, and then he makes a move.  Trump knows that any attempt to impeach a popular president (and if you question his popularity, just look at the decades-low unemployment rates) will lead to an electoral revolt in 2020.  (It happened before — in 1998, right after the impeachment of Bill Clinton.)  Trump understands that Democrats, after the Mueller report, have lost any political leverage they had over him, so he continually provokes them to make a move on the impeachment issue, knowing that any such move one way or another will harm his opponents.

Unexpectedly, President Trump had declared an additional 5% tariff on all Mexican goods effective June 10, 2019.  The declared goal was to force the government of Mexico to cooperate on the issue of out-of-control illegal immigration.  If this cooperation does not materialize, Trump announced an additional 10% tariff on July 1 and a 15% tariff on August 1, up until 25% (assuming that some judge in Hawaii will not overturn the president’s decision).

For many decades, Democrats promoted the well-being of illegal aliens over the well-being of American citizens.  Why?  Because illegals, wholly dependent on government handouts, are the ideal electoral base for the Democrats.  On the surface, this looks like President Trump’s attempt to stop uncontrolled immigration of the “undocumented Democrats.”  Indeed, within mere hours of the tariff announcement, Mexico’s President López Obrador requested a meeting with Trump.  Understandably, the tariffs will hit Mexico’s exports hard, but the Mexican government controls a mere 20% of the country’s territory; the rest is under the narco-cartels’ control.  So why did Trump issue his knowingly impracticable demands?  Well, the real goal here is not Mexico; it is the Democratic Party.

President Trump used Democrats’ inaction on the border crisis and Democrats’ lack of enthusiasm in the ratification of the new trade agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico — the USMCA.  NAFTA had been abandoned, but the new agreement is still not ratified, and Republicans do not have a two-thirds majority in the Senate to guarantee the ratification.  This situation has allowed Trump to outfox Democrats once again.  If they do nothing about the USMCA (and they pretty much intended to do just that), Trump’s anti-Mexican tariff will be fully implemented.

The consequences of this are harmful but not deadly for Mexico.  However, it is an existential threat for the Democrats, who once again painted themselves into a corner on the illegal immigration issue.  In other words, if Democrats ratify the new USMCA trade agreement, they will hand out Trump a significant accomplishment in the international arena; if they do not, they will provide Trump a much-needed contribution to stop the illegal immigration.  Both outcomes are politically deadly for the Buridan’s jackasses from Deepstateville.  Also, Mexico is about to pay the price for aligning herself with the anti-American, pro-socialism party.

At present, the Democrats’ donkey carries too much political weight.  In addition to the not so hidden racism and open anti-Semitism, it carries the militant wings of the Democratic Party — namely, Antifa and its cohorts.  Being the most populous anti-American American party, Democrats are in desperate need for political repentance.  Without this penance, the Democrat jackass does not have a future, at least on American soil.

One of the possible and unique ways to get rid of such toxic luggage presents itself due to increasing calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

According to the U.S. Constitution, impeachment proceedings are political, not judicial matters and can be done against a sitting official to remove him from elected office or against a non-sitting previously elected official to prevent him from occupying an office in the future.  Democrats have a majority in the House, and it gives them an exceptional opportunity to distance themselves from the dirty past and the socialist present as well.  To get out of the Buridan’s jackass paradox, they must think outside the box.

All they have to do is to impeach Barack Hussein Obama.  Most likely, Republicans in Congress will lend them a hand to save their political archrivals from themselves.


Buridan’s ass

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