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You’ve heard similar words before: “clean up your own act first”! We have spent enough money and lives and time aiding these governments that have clearly no good intentions for their citizens. Human rights be damned while they amass more power and money for themselves. How much longer are we going to support these very evil people?

President Trump is right, ” bring our men and women home “. We have enough work to do right here in the greatest Nation on the Planet. Perhaps if we use tough love, maybe the folks will work themselves to rid their own Nations of these critters. Instead, we encourage them to come to our shores for the good life.

How many remember how we got the “good life”? How many of you have actually read and absorbed the History of this land we call home. Many call for ‘open borders’; and yet we thoroughly vet those traveling from State to State, and even some leaving the country. Is there any logic to this?? Of course! They do this to stop any idiot from blowing up the plane or train! Well, what about the idiots sneaking across our border to blow us up as a Country. Or to take advantage of all our freebies. My answer to that ” … let them clean up their own home first… “. Lock up their own criminals. Don’t send your drugs to our children!! And don’t sell your young girls across our border!

Have you forgotten our Revolution was to get out from under Royal Rule; one King controlling everybody? How much blood spilled; how many lives lost; how much property destroyed??? All so you and I could have the very free life we have today! The freedom and rights to live the life we choose for ourselves.

Capitalism is not the greatest, but it is the best so far. Hard work is rewarded with a good life. Depending on the Government is akin to tending the fields and forests for the King.

Here in America, we now have the Liberal Socialist that are decrying everything our current Administration is doing. Well, stop and look. And look good. What our President and his staff are doing, is to weed out the bad and protect the good. Many laws and actions that have been inducted into our system, are decrying our Constitution. Many of which have been initiated and followed without you, the citizens, knowing about them. This is the way of the Liberal Socialists.

We know quite well why the Democratic Liberals are fighting for a wall. They want to let these people in, in droves, who will thereby support their agenda and keep them in their lucrative positions of power and authority. You must realize, of course, that we have also, in the Republican Party, those that support the Liberal Socialistic course.

So I repeat ” bring our kids home”. Let them help us rid our land of the dictatorial Socialist agenda. They know better than you and I, what that spells for a Nation. They have seen the suffering and despair.

We tried to help those folks. But they depended too much on us to fight their battle. And now we need kids here on their own soil, to add their voices and support to rid The United States of America from our shores; to stop them from getting a free pass into our land. Time to vet the Immigrants, much the same as we do folks in the Airports, Train Stations, and other areas of transportation.

BRING OUR KIDS HOME TRUMP. And let the Democrat and Republican Liberal Socialists be damned!!

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