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A hidden part of the swamp needing to be drained is the Black Budget of the Military/Industrial Complex! This is theft unimaginable to which President Trump needs to deal with! In 1960, President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the overt Military/Industrial complex. But like a 21st-century Andrew Jackson, President Trump will need to wrestle this alligator unto death!

How can so many secret plans and underground installations exist in America? Many billions of dollars were lavished on these facilities. Why have there been no hearings for underground base construction? Why is there no mention in the corrupt mainstream-media of these facilities and their funding?

The answer: The secret underground facilities are part of the Black Budget. The illegal Black Budget is comprised of all the secret, covert, clandestine, programs and projects that federal agencies carry out – often with non-English speaking workers to preserve secrecy.

When an activity is illegal or unconstitutional federal agencies simply fund it through the Black Budget. Projects are never reported publicly and funding does not go through the Constitutionally mandated process for federal spending in the United States Congress.

This is discussed in Weiner’s book, Blank Check: The Pentagon’s Black Budget. According to Weiner, during the Reagan years the Pentagon’s Black Budget was as high as $36 billion per annum. This globalist profiteering scheme may profiteer far more in 2017!

The Invisible Government, recently known as Deep State, oversees and administers these Black Budget tunnels and bases. Around for decades, the Invisible Government is nothing new. Funding which should be going to VA hospitals, schools, roads, infrastructure, transformer manufacturing to offset EMP attacks, and all those things to Make America Great Again – are seriously misallocated and misdirected into this Black Budget.

Who would have guessed that under the Swamp are tens of billions of illegally-funded dollars of underground bases and tunnels? Hard-earned taxpayer money is misdirected into deep rat holes and the IRS cannot be ignorant of this!

Black money, CIA cut-out projects, classified military projects, in an all pervading secrecy covering the whole morass and swamp! All are confused by a thickly tangled welter of disinformation and Fake News!

Through the Freedom of Information Act, these plans can be uncovered. Who profiteers from the illegal sales of these gargantuan Tunnel Boring Machines? These facts cannot be kept entirely secret and President Trump needs to immediately assemble a trusted pro-active, no-nonsense research team to utilize to the fullest such as the Freedom of Information Act.

Daily Darknet transactions of the military/industrial complex Black Budget need to be intensely monitored and exposed.  Darknet underworld is 97% of the Internet.  Only 3% of the Internet is what the general public views…

The compartmentalized secrecy in the anti-Constitutional Military/Industrial complex, and the huge size of its illegal Black Budget, are the deepest and worst part of the swamp which needs to be drained!

For Further Reading:
Underground Bases and Tunnels by Dr. Richard Sauder
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