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Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has given millions in supposed anti-crime grants to George Soros-linked groups that push anti-cop policies.

The money is apparently going to push the same policies that anti-cop Soros wants to push on America to make America less safe.

Per Just the News:

Those policies — including the defunding or restructuring of police departments, bail reform, less incarceration, decriminalizing and deprioritizing a broad range of criminal offenses — have been linked to skyrocketing criminal violence in many Democrat-led cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York City.

The DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance has awarded the grants to organizations and municipalities to “reduce serious and violent crime” and “make neighborhoods safer” under its 2021 Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program. Some of those grantees, Just The News found, have ties to district attorneys and groups funded by progressive megadonor Soros.

In Los Angeles, for instance, the Urban Peace Institute (UPI) received $1 million for its South Los Angeles Peacemakers program to make the city safer. The UPI has called for the “radical restructuring” of American policing, including shifting power from police to community “peacemakers.” The nonprofit was instrumental in progressive Los Angeles DA George Gascon’s criminal justice changes in the city, according to a report.

Just the news went on to reveal several other such grants. But also added that some of the policies include:

  • End and divest funding from law enforcement practices that support systemic racism, use of force, and warrior style policing;
  • End stop and frisk practices;
  • End racial and gang profiling;
  • End use of gang databases and injunctions;
  • End police in schools;
  • End police collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE);
  • Decriminalize and deprioritize enforcement of minor crimes;
  • End use of adversarial policing and aggressive suppression tactics;
  • Transform use of force policies;
  • Require police departments to bear the cost of misconduct; settlements should be paid out of police budgets;
  • Transform policing approach from warrior-style to guardian-style policing;
  • Divest funding from law enforcement practices that support systemic racism, use of force, and warrior style policing to fund alternative community-based public safety strategies;
  • Build a comprehensive community-based public safety infrastructure focused on non-law enforcement approaches to neighborhood health and safety;
  • Review public safety budgets at the state, county, and city level to reprioritize funding to improve community health and safety; redistribute public safety funding responsibilities between city, county, and state;
  • End the use of police in schools and divest funding to support school mental health counselors, gang intervention and outreach workers, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and public health workers;
  • Create police commission and civilian complaints offices including community oversight with subpoena power;
  • Invest in community leadership training to ensure police accountability is driven by communities of color most impacted by over policing;
  • Ensure expedient officer discipline and prosecution without pay when under investigation of an alleged crime or improper use of force;
  • Assign independent prosecutors for use of force cases;
  • Establish policies that allow individuals to review police video and audio footage of their interaction with police without a court order;
  • End the application of qualified immunity doctrine to police accused of use of excessive and/or deadly force;
  • Require policing data publication for arrests, diversion, officer-involved shootings with disaggregation by race, age, and zip code;
  • End police union interference in the oversight and crafting of police accountability;
  • State legislatures must separate negotiation of contracts on police wages and benefits from law enforcement disciplinary procedures;
  • Revise state “Officer Bill of Rights” to ensure it does not interfere with officer accountability.

This is the garbage Joe Biden is pushing, folks.

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