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A number of years ago – perhaps as many as 25 – two young men, well-dressed, and clean-cut could be seen on the town-square (called Kennedy-square after JFK) in downtown New Castle, Pa. – several times week. These men would wave their bibles in the air and shout that ‘the-end-is-near’… On more than one occasion, I said – jokingly, to my wife: “I’d like to stop and ask them: Why aren’t you speaking in Greek or Chinese?” And she asked, “Why?” Response: “Well, in a culture such as this, most people have very little understanding regarding the Christian faith, much less its eschatology.” And I’ve made this same point to others, that argue/promote the Christian faith, illustrating by the question: “To the most casual observer, what do suspect is the difference between Mother Theresa and a Hare Krishna?” Generally, the answer is bewilderment; sort of the response Chesterton claims follows when asking another ‘why do you prefer civilization to barbarism’? The answer is obvious to one who knows who Mother Theresa, and her motivating view of life, and understands the teachings of Hare Krishna’s; so obvious as to be perplexing… If one doesn’t understand why Mother Theresa lived as she did, nor understand the Krishna’s, then the answer may very well be: “Nothing much, they are both wackos!”

If it is a given that people lack the knowledge to differentiate Mother Theresa and a garden variety Hare Krishna follower, then thinking them both wackos is understandable; similarly, if one doesn’t know of, or understand the teaching in the Apocalypse (i.e., the end-times i.e., book of Revelation), then shouting in Greek and/or Chinese on a street-corner would likely be no more mystifying than waving a bible and pronouncing the doom, in the King’s English…

A similar case may be made vis-à-vis the United States Constitution, on free-market economics, on Press obligations, on things moral, upon one’s duties to loved ones and one’s nation and upon a great many other things… Blogs provide opportunities for informed bloggers to provide information to their intellectual (Note: likely more apropos: emotional) opponents. One can utilize one’s words to castigate the social-political Leftist, as a “liberal,” a “socialist,” or as a social-political Leftist, or they can utilize the principle of non-contraction to methodically draw out what inferences are circumscribed by the social-political Leftist. And one may also – for efficacious contrast – delineate the principle which attends to objective reality and their correlative circumscriptions… Such – on some occasions and in some instances – is an onerous task, but one cannot convert one’s opponent until one has altered his/her view.

We acknowledge that often, opponents refuse dialogue, but if one takes the opportunity to criticize (i.e., contrast the advocacy ostensible aim, with the inevitable end mandated by the limitations reality imposes upon actions…) an opponent’s advocacy, posts, and their spoken words, 3rd Party’s may – even if one’s intellectual opponent remains implacably obdurate… Ditto – on occasion – one may be required to criticize a friend’s view; note: “criticism – sans malice – is an act-of-love”… Or one could just begin to spell liberal, socialist and leftist with all capital letters…

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