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Democrats have wiped out our Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for all.  They’ve replaced it with selectively enforced rights and privileges.  For instance,  First Amendment Rights are available to some, but not all, Americans.

Right on top of the pyramid are Muslims – They can say anything they like.  Islamic Terrorists can murder us.  Muslims are allowed to complain of a non-existent backlash against them, but we are required to stay silent.  Next, come Illegals – they can say anything against us and our country, come in illegally and demand our money, and wave their flags as they do so. And we are “racists” if we don’t want illegals to be imported to replace us! Next, come Transgenders and the LGBTQQ crowd. They mock our religion, call us “White Supremacists” and whatever epithet they wish.  They sue us to make us obey them and bankrupt those who refuse. We have to stay silent.  Next, come ordinary Democrat/Communists.

At the bottom are Christians and Conservatives – They can speak, so long as they don’t “offend” anyone higher up on the pyramid.  The Social Media cartel decides what is “offensive” and censors Conservatives whenever they speak. And usually, Christians are labeled “racists” “Islamophobes” “bigots” “hate mongers” and the like if they utter the slightest complaint. With this constant intimidation and bullying, most Christians are withdrawn and silent.

Finally, at the very bottom of the pyramid, are Christian Pastors (But not Muslim Imams.)  They cannot speak about anything “political” – If they do, their church’s tax exemption will be canceled.  Since everything “political”; such as abortion, gay rights, morality, illegals; is also religious; this means Pastors cannot speak at all.

Christians are just beginning to understand the enormity of this problem. Many have tried to solve the problem by running away from Blue States.  But, there is nowhere to run to.  Liberals/Socialists/Communists, Globalists and  Islamists are all are working together to take over our country, destroy our institutions and our heritage.  They have succeeded in converting virtually the entire left coast from San Diego, CA to Bellingham, WA.

Other States are also vulnerable.  Wherever there is a University, the neighborhood has also been converted into a Socialists’ “paradise” – Filthy cities with needles, feces, and garbage on the sidewalks.  With young people hanging around; living on government handouts; not working; dealing and using drugs, having random sex with whoever; in some cases, beating up law-abiding citizens;  spouting their hatred of America; with absolutely no understanding of the greatness of America and its institutions; but dutifully voting for Democrat/Socialist/Communists who want to “fundamentally transform”  everything about America.

A further transformation of our country has resulted from importing and resettling “refugees” and illegals. Obama led the way.  He responded to the Christian persecution  by Muslims in the Middle East by actively importing “refugees.”  But 99% of them were Muslims!  Then, he “resettled” them in the reddest states; usually building mosques right in front of churches.  I remember writing how he was turning Texas, Arizona and Tennessee blue. And who assisted him?  Catholic Charities, Lutheran Charities, Jewish Charities, all ostensibly conservative organizations, making a buck on importing Muslims into this country; and pretending they didn’t know that Muslims were coming here to conquer, not to assimilate.  They are doing the same thing now with the illegals who are coming in waving their Honduran flags.  In this manner, native American citizens are being forced to pay for illegals who have no interest in assimilating; but who will replace Americans and all our American Institutions.

How did things get so bad?  The real problem lies within us – We Christians have been silent for far too long.  And, sorry to say, our Pastors have not led us either.  We pray for help from God, as we should.  But then, we do nothing else. We won’t write a letter to the editor, or call our congressman or speak up in any public setting.  We won’t organize any boycott of a vile rap song or an insulting movie or tv show.  We allow our children to be indoctrinated.  We have allowed ourselves to be the butt of jokes and mockery.  We have ceded our culture to liberals, who have no problem speaking up.  We think we have done enough by showing up to vote.  Even then, we don’t bother to understand the danger of voting absentee, when a Democrat operative could easily match our signature to our political affiliation and simply toss out our ballot.  We have become a TV generation – we watch and marvel and are outraged about what we see happening to our country.  But we do absolutely nothing.   My question is, is this true piety?  Or is it a mixture of laziness and cowardice?  Or do we simply want to be known as “nice people” who are “tolerant”?

Here is my rule of thumb:  How did Pastors handle matters when the First Pilgrims arrived?  Did they just say their prayers and then send messages to each other “Oh, the Indians just attacked the settlement in Boston”  or “Oooh, they massacred the congregation and raped the women in Plymouth”?  Obviously not.  They spoke out,  got together and actively defended their people.  Also, how did we end slavery here?  The Pastors spoke out at great risk to themselves and led their congregations to oppose slavery, and ultimately, many sacrificed their lives!! ….What is the difference between slavery and abortion that they were willing to go to war and we are not?

One problem is that we Christians violate the rules set out by our Gospel and are silent when others do likewise.  We have embraced adultery, which we daintily call “serial monogamy”, without any discussion of the dreadful consequences to our children when we divorce, remarry and create blended families.  We allow our children to shack up before marriage, with usually devastating consequences for the girls, because the boys sleep with them and then abandon them and move on.   Many of us even condone abortions on the grounds “we cannot interfere, it is their business.”  We send our children to universities and are actually surprised when they return totally indoctrinated to become socialists and libertines!    We remain silent about the consequences of having multiple abortions.  Never discuss the alternative of using Norplant.  We want to be liked, so we won’t even tell our children about the link between living a gay lifestyle and getting AIDS. As for the new fashion of hooking up, why won’t we tell our children how that destroys their soul?  As for having sex as a way to advance themselves at work – Why do we allow Democrats to convince our children that prostituting oneself is the highest calling for a woman? We don’t speak up to our children for fear of alienating them.

It is a terrible choice for a parent to have to make – Insist on being Christian and lose your child.  Or become more “gay-friendly” and slowly lose your Christianity.  I have many friends who are slowly converting from being devout Christians into a gay-affirming hybridized Christians because one or more of their children have become gay.  Another friend is confused about how to deal with a friend whose child suddenly decided “he” was a “she”.  And what advice do our Pastors give us on how to handle these situations?  …Nothing!!

Our Pastors are not leading their congregations. Possibly for fear of losing their tax exempt status.  But also, for fear of losing their pensions, which are controlled by the main church.  Possibly for fear of alienating the liberal members of their congregations.  The result is that our Pastors very carefully avoid any discussions on what is going on right now in our country.  Their sermons never deal with current events and they never take a position on difficult issues or give us any guidance on what we should do.    But without their leadership, Christians remain rudderless and vulnerable to being picked off one by one.

Christianity is being attacked left and right.  We cannot have a nativity scene without someone claiming to be offended and demanding a satanic worship scene next to it.  Our Christian bakers and florists are being attacked and bankrupted.  Complaints are being made about Christmas carols being everywhere. (Actually, they are being played by department stores, mainly owned by Jewish liberals, to entice the public to buy more!!)  Our President, who has turned out to be the most Christian President ever, is being attacked nonstop.  Crosses are being torn down.  …What do our Pastors do?  Nothing!!

Our culture is being completely degraded.  Movies and TV shows depict gays as great people and Christians as evil and bigoted.  We have a 11-year-old dancing boy being displayed sexually in a gay bar; exactly like the bacha bazi dancing boys in Afghanistan.  We have openly gay Catholic Priests running churches and molesting children.  Even Celine Dion is selling satanic clothing.  And what is the only word that causes offense?  The name of Jesus!!…… And what do our Pastors do?  Nothing!!

Our schools are indoctrination centers for communism, unabridged sexuality, abortion and the like.  Anti-American ideology is being spouted by teachers. The Constitution is never taught. The History that is taught can be summed up as “evil dead white men had slaves,  persecuted innocent native Americans, stole their land and gave them syphilis!”   Planned Parenthood and its ilk are now contractors running classes teaching sexuality and the virtues of masturbation and abortion to our kids.   Our little girls have to use toilets, and undress and shower in locker rooms, with grown men……..And what do our Pastors do?  Nothing!!

Our Universities are actually brothels, putting men and women in the same dorms and sometimes even having them share bathrooms. Most of them celebrate “sex week” and bring in practicing prostitutes to teach them how to use sex toys and discuss different sexual positions and practices.  Some even have an archway of a vulva through which students must pass. Everyone is encouraged to wear pussy costumes and pussy hats. There is no limit to the vulgarity promoted by universities.  But Antifa and other students are allowed to riot and chase Christian or Conservative speakers out of university campuses; which were founded and funded by Christians!!  ……..And what do our Pastors do?  Nothing!!

As to politics, more than half our millennials think Socialism is great; and that Islam is a religion of peace!  They are totally ignorant.  And our Social Media keeps them that way; censoring all conservatives.  Nicaragua used to be the richest country in South America.  Now, its inflation is over a million percent.  People are living on a dollar a month, eating their pets and zoo animals.  California is sinking fast.  And nobody mentions their homeless population is hopelessly addicted – just new customers for the drug dealers and the politicians whom they fund. California doesn’t even count their homeless dead – Nobody knows their names.  They are just buried!!

Christians have been exterminated in the Middle East, the land where Christ and the Apostles trod. Obama destabilized Libya and Egypt causing persecution of Christians.  He forced a power-sharing agreement between the elected Catholic Leader in Nigeria and the Muslim leader – The result, Christianity is being exterminated there too.  There is no question Islam is at war with Christianity, just as it has been for centuries.  But Democrats and their judges want to import more Muslims. And their Media keeps up a constant attack on us to force us to give in.   Our borders are being kept open and illegals are being imported to replace us…..…..And what do our Pastors do?  Nothing!!

Remember that old man holding up posters during the Kavanaugh hearings?  A young female, in short shorts, kept grinding and twerking around him with her eunuch boyfriend.  She then struck the old man’s posters and threatened him.  I asked my friends, “What would you have done if you were outside the Supreme Court when that happened?”  Nobody could tell me.  They all own guns, have served our Country bravely and say they will fight.  But faced with an actual event, where an old man was in danger, surrounded by a gang of hooligans; they didn’t have any idea of what they would do to defend him!! … And, as usual, our Pastors were silent.  That, in a nutshell, is us.  Big talk.  But cowards at heart!!

So, let’s celebrate Christmas while we can!  Have a Blessed Christmass!!

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