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Let’s face it! When North American zoos import animals from around the world, it’s considered natural, normal, and even welcome!

Take this one for example, filmed just yesterday. (Click here!

Of course, we still have to ask, “Is there an Orwellian agenda to zoos? After all, internationalism is on display all over the place! Is it possible even today’s zoos relfect a 21st-century version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm?”

They may, be they witting or unwitting. After all, in the example above, one sees the bold American eagle (though in a cage), a species of Russian turtle the same as Russian turtles sent into space, and Chinese pandas. In this particular zoo, each is in a “region.”

A “region” in a zoo also hints at Marxism. The ultimate goal of the globalists is to break America down into four regions to include Russia, China and the EU.

Ok. So there may be some sub-conscious hanky panky here. Or it may all be conscious playfulness, not having adverse effects on the zoo’s human visitors in any way.

But now let’s look at the human zoo Marxist Multiculturalism has made America into…

There is no doubt the incredible variety of imported zoo animals behaves, far better, than illegal humans now here from around the world.

The zoo animal imports were brought here legally. The over 61-million human imports are still here illegally!

But the most important contrast is a segment of North American illegals is injurious and costly, to society, every day and night!

Just as we study mice in a laboratory for human application, so we must look closer at zoos.

What is the most important observation? Imported zoo animals are forced to assimilate and constitute no threat whatsoever. And so it must be with over 61 million illegals: Obey the Constitution, stop stealing and dealing, learn a level of competent English, stop promoting leftist agendas, as pawns for globalist de-stabilization.

But don’t make a zoo of America! Don’t make Patriots, Constitutionalists and Christians an endangered species! Either assimilate peacefully and productively in observable and accountable ways… That is, stop acting like animals!  Or prepare to be shipped back to the wilderness from which you came.

No animal zoo comes close to rivaling the endless feces and syringes routinely left on California city streets every night!

Organizations worry about how zoos treat an elephant! Let us rather show leadership and concern for how illegals morph America: into unkempt and unruly zoos with opened cages…

See how better behaved these are:

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