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While Jussie Smollett is trying to climb out of quicksand, Bernie Sanders has decided to bypass his little puppet and put himself on the campaign trail; and she (Ocasio-Cortez), is comparing the Berlin Wall to the U.S. Southern Border Wall.

Cortez should realize that none of us on the North side of the Border are sneaking across in the night; as the East Germans did in that era. The only fair comparison would be to equate the Berlin wall with the imaginary wall surrounding the Tyrannical governments and Dictators. Such a wall is comprised of fear of reprisal for speaking out, and vengeance on the families of those who make the trek North. This young lady (Cortez) has not a clue on Economics, History, and Civilizations that have come before. Learning from past mistakes is not in her playbook.

And, of course, Speaker Pelosi is still on the immoral wall page. Here is a woman who is so well ensconced financially that she will not live long enough to spend it all. She has spent a great deal for her own privacy and security and yet wishes to deny her constituents the same measure of safety and security. Her personal bodyguards, as supplied by the Government, are prepared to protect her with their own life. Does she have any idea of life beyond her personal cocoon?

Following Pelosi, we have “Chuckie”; the infamous New York Senator Charles Schumer, that appears to have lost his spine somewhere along life’s trail. He cannot look up into the camera when he speaks and has a problem looking into the eyes of fellow Humans. He jumps on the bandwagon of whatever is popular, and never supports his words with actions other than to grab a microphone. Previously he at least had the fortitude and foresight to hitch onto the coattails of Nancy Pelosi. And today, he follows her trail like a good little boy.

Many in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area are well acquainted with Mr. “Spartacus” Booker. He is another “follow-the-crowd” and “cave to the Party” guy. During the “Kavanaugh” debacle he was ‘full-on’ with his fellow Democratic Liberals and their rush to judgment. And now he, as many others, must ‘eat crow’ for their rush to support Smollet.

Then, of course, we see Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, The Upstate New Yorker who follows the NYC crowd. She leans too far to the left to truly represent the North Country folks; a people that value hard work, independence, self-protection, and good ole American entrepreneurship.

Are the leftist devoid of reality? In my opinion, they appear to be the most bias, racist and bigoted sect among our Society.

President Obama was a catalyst in the Racist arena. And in following him and his Policies, they have all jumped on the bandwagon. Speaking from both sides of their mouths’, they promise the Black community a bright future, and in reality (check their voting habits) they keep them down where they can be controlled.

Currently, they are using the Border events to harness the South America people and encourage them to immigrate to the U.S., thereby gaining their support and their vote.

The Progressive, Socialistic, Liberal Democratic Party has learned to survive on the backs of our Minorities and underprivileged. They use and abuse them to a degree that is tantamount to ISIS tactics. The only difference being that one is verbal, and one is physical.

President Trumps supporters have got to start speaking up. We have got to drown out the dissidents among us; educate our youth and get control of the Academia sector that has promoted the discontent and Socialistic views of our young.

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