Yes, Silly Conservatives, Trump Does Exist!

Donald Trump

Across the nation Republicans struggle to understand Donald Trump’s emergence as the likely Conservative, outsider nominee of the party. Not the outsider part. He is outside the Constitution, outside politics, outside government, outside the establishment. To those invested insiders Trump has never existed. He doesn’t exist. He is not wanted. He is not needed. But voters are pulling his lever, voters the insider establishment discard as “know nothing” irritants in their driven quest for influence and power, in Washington as they know it.

It’s the conservative aspect of the Trump equation baffling Conservatives. “He is not one of us,” they say. His reliance on the Constitution is nonexistent. His inability to apply the Bill of Rights to current situations; clearly endangering an indivdual’s religious, speech, and self-defense rights is disconcerting. Yet he is the conservative pick of voters; the majority conservative pick of every county in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Rhode Island in Tuesday night’s Acela Republican primary. For some reason to conservatives, Trump is invisible. Nonetheless, Republican voters find his lever and pull it.

Before conservatives were conservatives or constitutionalists they were mentored by Samuel Adams. Adams had no Constitution to guide him. He had a list of grievances. He was not politically correct. His fiery rhetoric chided, cajoled, and instigated a band of grass roots activists, masquerading as Indians, to throw the precious tea overboard. He was not a conservative by today’s standards. He was a winner. He was not tempted to “walk across the aisle.” Instead, he lobbed firebrands among the naysayers and not so carelessly at the fence sitters.

Today’s conservatives have lost contact with their roots. Their roots of common sense, of winning at all costs, of compiling an ever growing list of pet grievances, and their root of pride in not being politically correct. Before Conservatives derived their purity, their sophistication, their Constitution, their valued amendments; they were rooted in their passions of property, individual sovereignty, love of God and family.

Trump exists. It takes the heart of an American to see him.


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Don Swank

Don is a semi-retired window washer, an active runner, and occasional bird watcher. Don earned his B.A. Degree in Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University in 1971, and his M.Div. Degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in 1974. He lives near Toledo with his wife of 40 years. Visit and Like on Facebook when you can, from the Website link below:

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