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“Thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

Perhaps Jefferson’s most famous words, this statement has become the most misguided approach to personal freedom the United States has ever witnessed.  Jefferson’s reassurances were intended to convey that a government had been formed that would protect an individual’s freedom to do and think as they saw fit.  Personal freedom was the true architect of the United States.  13 colonies bound themselves together in an attempt to preserve the personal liberty of the colonists.

At the heart of all “rights movements” since then, personal liberty is constantly searched for and always under attack, and the blame cannot rest solely on one side of the aisle.

Democrats have used anti-discrimination (ironically), welfare, healthcare, and women’s rights to attack and defraud personal liberty.  Republicans have had issues previously, the war on drugs standing out the most, but the 15 year “War on Terror” is the most glaring of attacks.  The true effects of the Patriot Act have yet to fully be realized.  When both sides of the conservative-liberal dichotomy have spent the last 50 years chipping away at personal liberty, we’re left with a government and a country that no longer reflects its heritage.

Our founding fathers literally put themselves in the pathways of musket and cannon fire to create a country that gives man and woman the right to choose.  “Right to choose what?” has been the defining question of the political landscape in recent history.

I would posit that as long as you aren’t depriving another of life, limb, or property, myself and the founding fathers wish you all the best.  Eat your cake from whatever baker will agree to bake it.  Do your drugs, even if they will kill you in the short or long run.  Buy your guns, but please don’t shoot anyone maliciously or negligently.

Most of all, pursue happiness.

That is your right after all.

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