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I Waived My White Privilege and This Happened


So excited! We had a chance to WAIVE OUR WHITE PRIVILEGE today, and it was so fulfilling!

I’m shy to brag, but with all the outing of people’s deepest demons being all the rage I guess it’s okay to share.

We are working on mitigating our White Privilege, honest Injun we really have.

Today we had the opportunity to put our high ideals and determination to a try when a black driver nearly ran into us in a parking lot because she was not paying attention. With collision averted, the sound of her trash talking filled the air at an impressive decibel level. As it was in a thick vernacular we had no idea what was being said but it didn’t look good. Because she was actually not so much sitting in the driver’s seat as she was wearing the car we did not feel much in the way of physical threat.

We think that not only are we white but that our car being white too triggered some kind of a perfectly justified Pre–Emancipation PTSD reaction for which we were responsible. So we WAIVED OUR WHITE PRIVILEGE, smiled nicely and waived her on and our Privilege away…

…As we watched her pick up her cell phone and make a call, which here is a nearly $700. fine. That’s okay too. I mean, she’s black, right? So laws like that are made by white men to oppress black people, right?

In any event, we have now done our part. We’re even on our side of balance sheet. May we all please put that slavery thing behind us get back to fixing the country now?

Hmm… I wonder what will happen when she meets Blue Privilege for that ticket?

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Mark Williams

Author, Past Chairman Tea Party & Conservative Party USA. Radio/TV/Print Journalist. Ordained Minister. Woke up to change AND hope Wed 11/9/16

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