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Super Bowl Half time – What if?

It will be no surprise if the NFL allows Lady Gaga to be a divisive political figure at the expense of all who might choose to watch what we hope will be a sporting event. Past history has shown tolerance for political hate messaging. Should we be surprised to see more of the same? Reportedly there have been no guidelines or restrictions given, and Lady Gaga has promised to be herself – her unity does not include conservative, traditional thought.

The NFL is responsible for choosing or giving a stage to participants. They have not taken their responsibility seriously. They have become political, supporting anti gun and anti flag messaging. Can viewers expect tradition. Patriotism, individual rights, law enforcement, sanctity of life, or support for our president to be honored today?
I hope we will be surprised.

But if not, and more hate of country, anti Trump, anti life, anti law enforcement is espoused, what will the reaction be?

Some will want to throw something at the television. Others will rant at the t.v. and maybe to a few friends. A few may make phone calls or tweet to express disgust.
Why not be pro active? Those in the stands should plan a peaceful demonstration of displeasure. Perhaps stand, turn their backs, and sing the national anthem if allowed. If not. A mass exit would send a message. At home, turn off the show! Don’t support the NFL if you do not agree with their politics. The election is decided, but the campaign must continue to show support for America. The American message is under siege.


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James shale

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