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Pledge to Protect and Honor the Constitution


I have a simple request for both Presidential candidates-who want to be our next President-Commander In Chief!

Please at a future presidential debate ” PLEDGE” to hang a large copy of the Constitution on the wall of the Oval Office in the White House.

A copy of that “glorious Liberty document” (said by a former slave Frederick Douglas) hanging on the wall in the people’s house-will remind all visiting & working in the White House , that this amazing document is still alive and the foundation of our great Republic- the United States of America. A re-enactment of the signing of the Constitution on Sept 17-1787 in the Rose garden every SEPT 17-the birthday of the Constitution, would be a great way to remind and educate ALL Americans the importance this amazing document has on our freedoms and liberties!

Thomas Jefferson a founding father and President once said ” ACTION will define YOU”.

I look forward to visiting once again the White House in the future, and seeing a large copy of the Constitution hanging on the wall in the Oval Office across from the Presidents desk.

God bless America and let’s restore our Constitution and restore our Republic-so America always remains that shinning city on the hill for all to see!

I look forward to both CLINTON and Trump PLEDGING to hang a large copy of the Constitution on the wall of the Oval Office-White House and celebrating every SEPT 17th it’s birthday as our next President!

PATRIOT for President-2016 to restore our Republic and restore our Constitution.


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Father- husband two grown children. A Freedom loving Limited government advocate. Favorite political quote "ACTION will define YOU"

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