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Old Newspaper Maxim: If It Bleeds, It Leads

It’s the same old tired parade of the press bumbling through a story, trying to sound like they are experts on a specific issue as it is related to a tragedy pushing their political view point.  The self serving wimpy politicians, strut in front of the cameras trying to sound tough and decisive.  In recent events of storms and a shooting the leftist political hacks run out to preach their pathetic messages before the bodies have been removed.   These are the blood suckers and vultures who will use a disaster for political gain, they routinely demonstrate their true lack of concern for the victims.  For them it’s all about the message they want to put out and use peoples raw emotions to complete their mission.

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U.S. ARMY Veteran, former Aerospace Engineer and Editorial Cartoonist, he has lived and worked in Europe and in the Middle East. He has been a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonist for over 10 years. ( AAEC website - under retired members )

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