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Hidden Election Issues

There are many election under current issues in this election. These are areas where local issues or changing demographics could impact the election. Here are some examples:

North Carolina/ Orlando- Transgender bill and attack on gay night club.
Unions– becoming more public, like government and teachers. The union didn’t save the job. Some union members would be part of the deplorable. Coming out on social issues against the beliefs of the members.
EPA– allowing or causing the poisoning of water in Michigan and Colorado.
Obamacare– areas where the premiums that are increasing more than thirty percent.
Black Lives Matter– division within the African-American community and the riots.
Woman– for and against more gun regulations. Their outlook on jobs.
Character– people deciding not to vote because they don’t like either currant candidate and being replaced by those who haven’t voted for years.
Millennials– going from the beginning to the end of this age group. Many have high student debt and no job.
Voter Fraud– the DOJ not letting voter laws be enforced. Proof of citizenship not required. Stopping the purging of voter rolls of the deceased and those who have moved.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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