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The two presidential candidates are so unpopular that our local newspaper’s opinion page suggested that Darth Vader had overtaken them in the polls.

Their polling unfavorables  are at or close to 60%.

Nevertheless, I think it is possible to discern a logical reason for preferring Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The rationale for a Trump vote is as follows:

  1.  Donald Trump is an unprincipled narcissist who believes he doesn’t need to follow the rules everybody else does.
  2. Hillary Clinton is an unprincipled narcissist who believe she doesn’t need to follow the rules everybody else does.
  3. Both candidates can be expected to continue their current behavior if elected.
  4. If Trump is elected, the MSM can be counted on to ferret out and publicize every inappropriate action he takes as president.
  5. If Clinton is elected, the MSM can be counted on to bury any mention or reference to any inappropriate action she takes as president; if it is discovered anyhow, the MSM will spin it to exonerate her from any blame.

Assuming either of the two will misbehave as president, I want to know about it.  If Trump is elected, I will; if Clinton is elected, I won’t for at least 4 years, if then.

Therefore, appropriate dislike of, and distrust of the presidential candidates should lead one to vote for Trump.


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