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The Federal Reserve is the economic ISIS in America!”

A venerable old Yale statistician once told me, “So often the greatest answers in the world are the simplistic ones.”

Our President Trump displays a wonderful penchant for simplicity! Perhaps there is no greater example than his playful addiction to tweets on Twitter. Indeed, serious students of literature know that short sentences are often the most powerful! Tweets are included…

And so. Will President Trump take the simple route to immediately dismantle the Federal Reserve? Or will he listen to “advisers” who would have advised Job in Old Testament days. Assuming President Trump will rise above this “advice” – and be his own glorious and noble man to surpass even the great Andrew Jackson – the following is his simple solution:

  • President Trump, simply command Congress to exercise its legal option to purchase the Federal Reserve System for the present capital stock. Or repeal the Federal Reserve Act. The assets acquired will pay off a significant degree of the national debt.
  • President Trump, then consequently change only two words on our currency, relacing “FEDERAL RESERVE” note with “UNITED STATES” note.

By means of these simple changes, all of our un-American activities will wither like leaves on a vine. President Trump, these could be the Greatest Tweets to ever happen to America!

The money trust, by systematic propaganda and by selfishly interesting tens of thousands of citizens as stockholders in local banks, got control of Congress, and substituted for money the credit or check-issuing system. They flooded the country with this so-called medium of exchange.

They hoarded all the money but about five percent, which allowed for change in till and pockets of the people. As money or its equivalent was essential to the government and industry, it became absolutely necessary to go to the money lenders to get the substitute.

The government delivered to the money lenders its bonds, and the people gave the money lenders bonds and mortgages, all drawing interest. This substitute for money gradually grew in volume, answering for a medium of exchange, and stimulated industrial development.

However, it was a form of a medium of exchange that carried with it the sting of death, and transferred the property of the producers to the non-producers and the riches of the nation to the idle few. At this very moment, the Money Power is Supreme (though they fear Trump!) and USURY is doing its deadly work in all the governments of the world.

Will the Great President Trump go down as the most important President ever in America? Will he effectively and immediately dismantle this Swamp Command Center? Congress is under the influence of the money power. A majority of its members are stockholders in banks or otherwise selfishly interested in money lending. Many are attorneys of banks and money lending corporations.

Let us not forget to drain the US Treasury of its Illuminati spies! Vigileaks knew one personally who fled to Germany. And while a gold standard is meaningless at the moment -since the globalists control most of the gold, except for that still buried in the Steamboat Springs CO area – the globalists cannot control silver because it is so plentiful! A third glorious – indeed Powerful tweet of our super hero – would be, “As President of the United States, I re-monetized silver today!”

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