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By Conor Coughlin,

The Prosperity Partnership is a State-Owned Enterprise that has acted as an exclusive marketing agency for ENERGY STAR products in global markets since 2004. President George H W Bush created the ENERGY STAR program as a public/private partnership in 1992, but it was President Bill Clinton that used an executive order in 1993 to mandate the use of EPA-approved products and services by every branch of our government. That essentially set up a Pay-To-Play scheme operated by bureaucrats, using EPA’s false claims of extraordinary energy savings to peddle a government-invented commodity as an investment product.

Big money was never being made from electrical energy savings; it flowed to the elites claiming to believe that the Dept of Energy policies could be leveraged into money-making ventures with green-washing schemes. Global elites have been pursuing carbon-credit trading schemes for decades, and these markets were all built around the imaginary “certified” energy efficiency that was allegedly produced by the ENERGY STAR brand. The oligarchs that control the UN and World Economic Forum believed in the illusion of EPA’s scientific superiority because no honest American could have ever seen the scientific evidence to support any of their chimerical claims. It doesn’t exist!

The OceanGate disaster is merely the latest example of another epic failure related to incoherent government science, in which all the top-end players must now distance themselves from the past. Fully understand the Orwellian logic involved, consider two news articles produced by the Everett Herald on OceanGate Inc. On June 22, 2023, it reported that “Boeing, UW, and NASA deny design partnerships with OceanGate,” which included a sub-header stating, “WSU Everett and Everett Community College severed ties with the company.”

That article was designed to help readers overcome confusion about another article from March 9, 2020, when the Everett Herald claimed “Titanic in reach as Everett’s OceanGate works with NASA,” which included the following sub-title “The submersible company has tried to visit the shipwreck twice. Now it’s building a stronger vessel.” Corporate media refuses to speak about the connections to universities

National Laboratories and the radical environmentalist produced this elevated sense of entitlement for their high-educated cronies. That same Herald article contained a picture of Mark Walsh. This Washington State University graduate had once boasted, “I like that we have a close relationship with WSU Everett because the interns have been so great,” Walsh said. “They’ve been taught at WSU Everett, so we will hire more this summer.”

That mindset would have raised some questions about conflicts of interest issues in the real world, but only if you had a basic understanding of business, law, or ethics. Nobody is supposed to know that the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has been peer-reviewing ENERGY STAR products operated out of WSU.

The WSU operated the EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse to highlight the cutting-edge technologies discovered through programs like their own Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance. If government green is so great, why isn’t the corporate media pointing towards their technical reports that support the extraordinary benefits citizens should have received from these green initiatives?

In the immediate case, OceanGate’s co-founder Guillermo Sohnlein had created Space Angels as a “For-Profit” investor group for early-stage aerospace ventures in 2006, which was to complement the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs that he had set up as a non-profit group in 2003.

This happened to be the same year three governors secretly signed on to the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative to protest the US Senate rejection of the Kyoto Protocols. Two weeks before CA Governor Gray Davis was removed from office by a recall petition for his role in the California Energy Crisis,

Gray Davis secretly signed a deal to reward the utility bosses that drove up electric rates by 50% across the West Coast states. WA Governor Gary Locke introduced the Prosperity Partnership at an event held at Qwest Stadium the following year and disclosed his plans for a shadowy Regional Economic Agenda to export clean technology. That event took place as the current state Attorney General Christine Gregoire was involved in arguably one of the most corrupt elections in US history.

Six months later, a district judge declared that Gregoire had won that highly-contested election by 135 votes, conveniently discovered after the original election and an initial recount. Christine Gregoire became the Governor and the de facto leader of the Prosperity Partnership. The total media blackout of the West Coast Governors scam and the equally corrupt Prosperity Partnership had proven that news censorship could manipulate elections. Silence Was Golden!

Not one Fake News outlet covered that corrupt West Coast Governors scam because that would have quickly exposed the Junk Science contained in the Poised For Profit reports produced by Climate Solutions. Climate Solutions was created in 1999 and was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute when selected to operate the massive Harvesting Clean Energy program. Which was allegedly set up to search for cost-effective electrical energy efficiency technologies for America’s Industrial Sector.

My company had been invited to participate in that program, enticed with offers to have a new digital motor-control technology analyzed by the so-called energy experts at WSU. That never happened, and their industrial studies never tested anything relevant to any real industry. On February 27, 2006, Bill Clinton’s former CIA Director, James Woolsey, provided a keynote speech on “Harvesting Clean Energy, National Security, and the Path to Energy Independence” at their 6th Annual Conference. The original policy behind the Harvesting Clean Energy to reduce GHG emissions with energy efficiency had essentially been abandoned by the Dept of Energy. The new efforts were all about carbon-credit trading schemes and programs to enrich big donors by producing fuel from food stocks.

Much of the NW science came from the Earth Island Institute, an incubator for America’s most radical anti-Capitalist and anti-American groups. Climate Solutions has openly boasted of direct action attacks on coal deliveries from other states. After I had spent over five years trying to overcome the barriers put in place by NW bureaucrats and utility bosses, the Dept of Energy was no longer interested in reducing electrical demand to protect our aging National Grid system.

I was still unaware that the Natural Resource Defense Council and BPA had formed the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in 1998 and imposed a 3% surcharge on electrical power sales, with 60% of that fund going directly back to BEF. This created a financial incentive to drive up electric rates, not reduce consumption through energy efficiency. That same backward thinking appeared to be applied to all green ventures.

The EPA’s new business model appeared to be about regulating global competitors out of business and placing the industry in the hands of professors and UN diplomats. NEEA operated a massive Industrial Energy Efficiency study, which was being used to prop up the resumes of university staff involved in another $100 billion boondoggle known as Save Energy Now.

In that Dept of Energy fiasco, universities were paid to conduct 200 “industrial assessments” that had even less credibility than an FBI lawyer. The same lawyers that turned a blind eye to the billions of dollars in phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” during the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 were now pretending to not notice the acute double standards that were applied to the West Coast Governors scam, and Locke’s Prosperity Partnership.

The members of the Prosperity Partnership could erect barriers to accurate technology companies by claiming they were political outsiders that failed to meet DEI policy requirements. While working out back-room deals for companies like OceanGate that leased warehouse space from the Port of Everett to develop and build a “fleet of manned next-generation submersibles.” In other words, they could prohibit the use of advanced technology to improve electrical energy efficiency in the Industrial Sector but support a company with a dream to produce a fleet of expensive submersible vehicles to entertain a few billionaires for a couple hours at a time on sight-seeing tours in exotic locations.

Guillermo Sohnlein and Stockton Rush may have founded OceanGate Inc as an American privately owned company in 2009. But by 2013, Sohnlein had created Blue Marble Exploration, which organizes high-profile expeditions to explore the oceans in crewed submersibles, before he apparently quit OceanGate Inc. The next big venture for Guillermo Sohnlein was the Space Capital LP group in 2017.

In March 2020, Space Capital and Silicon Valley Bank published a report called “The GPS Playbook,” forecasting emerging opportunities for investors. By May 2020, Sohnlein had formalized its brand of Space Capital as the parent brand for Space Angels as an online investment platform and Space Talent as a career platform and central node for space industry jobs as its sub-brand.

Space Talent relies on advisors like Converge to design and implement effective DEI strategies to help organizations stay on track. Climate Solutions also appears to have created its own investment platform called the Climate Solutions Action Fund, but the lack of information makes it difficult to say who created or controls its activities.

In 2013 the UN began its own ‘For-Profit” venture, led by Grete Faremo, the new lady boss of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). While the UN’s corrupt practices were widespread and legendary, a $3.3 million grant to the, We Are The Oceans (WATO) conservation project placed her “For Profit” business-driven enterprise in serious trouble. Grete Faremo was the type of bureaucrat that didn’t appear to understand there was a difference between a non-profit UN agency working with tax dollars from foreign nations and money-making ventures providing opportunities to shake down clients for business.

The UNOPS was set up as the UN’s procurement hub for conducting infrastructure projects that grew into a multifaceted agency with a portfolio worth $3.4 billion. Delusional bureaucrats will claim that UNOPS does everything on the development spectrum, from gender empowerment to fixing bridges to law and order. It didn’t matter if every project failed as long as the right people made some vast bucks from investing other people’s money.

Much like Grete Faremo’s failed UNOPS business model, Rush Stockton also believed he had discovered an unmet business opportunity to expand the market for private ocean exploration. OceanGate just made it clear that client safety wasn’t a priority.

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