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By K Walker,

The freshly acquitted Texas Attorney General discussed the recent push by fellow Republicans to impeach him, illegal immigration, elections, voter fraud, and the real threat to democracy in America.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a popular guy with many Republicans in Texas. He won the GOP primary race for AG with 68 percent of the vote compared to his challenger, George P. Bush’s 32 percent.

He’s also been a rather large thorn in the side of the Biden administration by bringing dozens of lawsuits against them — prioritizing securing the border.

During the interview, Paxton talks about how his former primary challenger has sway with that third of GOP voters, that Democrats have what might be called “out-sized leverage” in the Texas legislature, and how both of those things likely led to the push to impeach him that was brought forward with no evidence.

NOT GUILTY: Ken Paxton Beats Impeachment Attempt … Here’s A BRUTAL Highlight From The Trial

Paxton is now making headlines for hinting in the interview that he might challenge long-time Texas Senator John Cornyn in 2026.

“To me, he’s been in Washington too long. He’s been there, what, for 14 years or so? And I can’t think of a single thing he’s accomplished for our state or even the country,” said Paxton in the Carlson interview that aired on Wednesday night. “I think it’s time somebody needs to step up and run against this guy that will do the job and do it the right way and represent us and worry about what’s going on.”

When Carlson asked if he would challenge Cornyn, Paxton replied, “Everything’s on the table for me.”

But the parts clipped and shared like crazy on social media by conservatives are all about elections — specifically, the 2020 Presidential election.

In one clip, Paxton said that the stopped counts on election night in Georgia were “definitely planned.”

He also says that the open border paired with mass mail-in ballots and tying the hands of the Attorney General in prosecuting voter fraud is a recipe for perpetual Democrat rule.

They didn’t have time for re-authorizing the state Attorney General to prosecute voter fraud, but they did have time to impeach him. Interesting.

Mass mail-in ballots are necessary because it is challenging to prove voter fraud even if an AG can prosecute it.

Do you think that Fox News would’ve ever let that interview air after the settlement with Dominion voting machines?

Check out the Paxton interview with Carlson with all that, plus a clip of an allegedly drunk Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan while serving as Chair of the legislature.

Grab yourself a beverage and watch the entire show here:

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