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By Dean Garrison,

Before I start I want to ask everyone to share this everywhere they can. Reprint it on your own sites, or print it out and mail it to people, and share it as many places as you can please. Our only chance at survival is a quick awakening and action by millions of people. Unfortunately that is fact, not fiction. It’s a long shot and I’m betting on it.

Fiction is the job of major news outlets on BOTH sides. Yes I mean RIGHT and left. I used to call myself Republican but now I just call myself a Christian and a Conservative. Both sides are the enemy. That’s a fact.

See that picture that accompanies this article? That’s me after my first of two eye surgeries. I had a stroke a few years ago and kept working BLIND, with the help of my kids. About 2 years ago my wife kicked me out and I ended up in Nebraska with an old friend, Chad Miller, who helped me take care of my immediate health needs. I’m functional now but disabled. Basically my brain is fine but my body is not. LOL My sister Vicki and I took a walk today and it wore us both out. Before setting down to write this, I took a 2 hour nap to recover from a half mile walk. I’m seriously not in good health but when I say I’m dying it is not about ME. What I happen to know is that we are all dying slowly now.

I’m going to get into the meat of this article soon. I just want to explain to you what is going on with planet earth. Billions have to die because world governments started trying to play God and it backfired. So their sole intention is to save those they feel are important because earth will not support the billions that live here anymore.

If you understand that, you will see how everything that is happening ties together. Today I want to show you two videos backed by science and fact. The first is called “Died Suddenly” and gives some truth about what is being done with covid vaccines. The vaccines are killing more people than they are saving and again, that is FACT and not fiction.

The above video has been BANNED from almost all video networks, including YouTube. There are some inaccuracies in it. For instance, some of the images are from people who did not officially die from Covid. That does not mean the the video is without merit. Discussion with the many coroners and them attesting to countless bodies having blood clots is real. Sloppy editing just left those who support the covid scamdemic lies with enough ammunition to ban the video across multiple networks. If you can’t give me a little over 3 hours today, to watch this video and the next, then I can’t do a thing for you.

If you’d rather get wrapped up in entertainment than truth, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND WE NEED PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

I hate to be so blunt because I love people but it’s truth. Every time you play your video games, watch you favorite TV shows, or whatever, the governments that move against us are doubling down to kill people. They are killing you and your families while you entertain yourselves.

The next video I want to show you today is still on YouTube but may not be forever. A man named Dane Wigington has devoted the last 2 decades of his life to finding truth about what is going on with planet earth.

Remember global warming?

It’s very real and one of the reasons I can no longer, in good conscience, call myself Republican. If you watch this video it will explain why life can no longer be sustained for the billions of people on planet earth and why they have resorted to genocide through things like lab born diseases. Here’s Dane…

Dane gives planet earth 2-3 more years. It is dying. Our soils are now poisoned by toxic aluminum being sprayed by jets all over planet earth. Weather modification is real and was used in Vietnam back in the 70s. World governments kept using it and now they have ruined the earth which God created.

Unless we start to get the word out, there is no chance for the survival of humanity or any of earth’s inhabitants, except for maybe cockroaches (joking). I am a very disabled man who is praying daily for the strength to get my strength back, but that may never happen.

If you’d like to send a donation to help a disabled man with 4 small kids (11, 9, 9 and 6) it would be much appreciated. Dean Garrison, 1509 Twin Hills Dr. Apt. C, Monett, MO 65708.

But I understand how bad the economy is now and just want the truth out. God did not pick me but I picked Him and promised I’d do my best to get this truth out to everyone as well as I could.

God Bless America. God Bless Our Wonderful Planet Earth.

I’m looking for warriors who have to be killed to be silenced. That is my personal resolution to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m going to try to keep getting truth out until they kill me. Why? Because I love you all.

Look for part 2 soon. I have invested years of research into what is going on and have lots to tell before I can say I’m done. Please pray for me. Now that I have my kids back I’m trying to be lazy and avoid my responsibility to all of humanity. I can’t be allowed to hide. The truth must come out.


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