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Anyone who has read past articles I have written knows that at times they have been harsh and critical of the Democrats, among other groups. The party’s position on social issues, especially abortion and same-sex marriage, are antithetical to those of us who believe in the sanctity of all life and traditional values are sacred.

In the last article, I wrote about the confirmation hearings of Judge Kavanaugh and how the Democrats, through their egregious and unprofessional behavior, betrayed the American people and shattered any honor, integrity, and self-respect the party may have had left. To watch a political institution that can speak of great leaders and moments throughout its history, but has been reduced to nothing more than a group of faithless, self-serving, and hardcore power-hungry fanatics whose only ambition is achieving the power to fulfill its leftist desires, is troubling and a sad commentary.

Some might ask what about Republicans, do they not also have their own problems. Yes, they do, but as much as I have criticized and denounced some of their ineffective and wasteful policies and agenda, they do not compare with Democrats on the scale of incivility, depravity, and dishonor. Now I ask, how much lower they can sink, you might respond well all this criticism of the democrat party, liberals and the leftwing, are just the usual grist for the conservative mill. However, an event has recently occurred that in my opinion is so reckless, malicious and unethical that it is beyond all measure of decency and fairness.

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In a last-ditch scurrilous and desperate effort to scuttle the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Democrats and Senator Dianne Feinstein have introduced into the process a letter from a woman who claims back in 1981 while in high school, then teenager Brett Kavanaugh sexually abused her while at a party. According to reports, Senator Feinstein had received this communication back in July but decided to keep it from all the parties concerned and not introduce it into evidence because the woman in question preferred to remain anonymous and did not want to go public.

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Now as the Judicial Committee was scheduled to vote on the Kavanaugh nomination on Thursday, September 20, before passing it on to the full Senate, Senator Feinstein decided now was the time at the last minute to make the allegations known. After the letter was released, the woman still seeking to remain anonymous, but her identity was soon revealed by the media; meet Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University in California.

Judge Kavanaugh has “categorically and unequivocally” denied the allegations and has stated he cannot recall ever having been at the party. Mark Judge, an old friend of Kavanaugh has stated that he was at the party but doesn’t recall the incident. Some three hundred women have come forward and signed a statement attesting to Judge Kavanaugh’s respect for women, his impeccable record, character, and dignity, going back as far as his teenage years.

I am not going to go into all the minutia of the professor’s 36-year-old allegations, this not what this article was intended to convey. However, suffice to it say that it has been made known that the professor is a Democrat and an activist and that her lawyer Debra Katz is being financially supported by far-Left groups.

Senator Grassley chairman of the Judicial Committee in an effort to extend accommodation to the professor has decided to delay the vote and has scheduled Monday, September 24 to hold a session and have the judge and the professor appear before the Committee to give evidence. On Wednesday, September 19, through her lawyers, Professor Ford declined to appear before the committee until the FBI first investigates her allegations.

As of this writing, Friday, September 21, again through her lawyers the Professor relented and stated she would appear, however, not on Monday, September 24, but on Thursday, September 28, as long as certain accommodations could be made, one in particular that Judge Kavanaugh is not present in the same room. You might ask who does this woman and her lawyers think they are; it is the Senate that establishes the rules, is it not?

This is nothing more than a travesty of decency, civility and justice, and the mainstream media is complicit in this egregious attempt to destroy the reputation of a good man, Judge Kavanaugh. What has occurred here is an outrageous and contemptible scheme by Democrats, who in my humble opinion can no longer be recognized as a valid political entity. As a party, they have undermined and corrupted the Judeo-Christian ethic and American ethos. They are nothing more than a ruthless gang of thugs devoid of conscience. They have ravaged the Constitution; fairness and judicious temperament are not in their purview. They are completely out of control and are rudderless and without legitimate leadership.

“How much lower than beneath contempt will the democrat party sink”, The Good Lord only knows. But if they continue down this path of moral turpitude and reckless unprincipled behavior, they will sooner rather than later find themselves in a place of chaos and darkness. And this begs the question, the fact that Democrats are out of control, we the people must not allow what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh to continue and go unchecked; it is un-American and dangerous and must not be tolerated. If you agree, speak up and let your political representative know how you feel.

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