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Many posts in The Lid program by a liberal, or even the liberal person as crazy as a soup sandwich. However, that is opinion, not scientific fact. A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology reports that liberals are as nutty as a porta potty on the last day of a peanut convention.

Authors/Researchers  Ann Krispenz & Alex Bertrams wrote:

. Considering these results, we assume that some leftist political activists do not actually strive for social justice and equality but rather use political activism to endorse or exercise violence against others to satisfy their own ego-focused needs. We discuss these results in relation to the dark-ego-vehicle principle.

Based on existing research, we expected individuals with higher levels of left-wing authoritarianism to also report higher levels of narcissism. Further, as individuals with leftist political attitudes can be assumed to be striving for social equality, we expected left-wing authoritarianism to also be positively related to prosocial traits, but narcissism to remain a significant predictor of left-wing authoritarianism above and beyond those prosocial dispositions.

In other words, the leftists don’t give a rat’s arse about what they are.”working” for. It’s all about control and self-actualization. This narcissistic behavior is not normal. They are spending much of their time and effort on an issue they don’t really care about to look good and gain “power.”

The authors told PsyPost:

“Based on our results, we introduced a new contribution to the literature on dark personality traits, coining the term dark-ego-vehicle principle (DEVP),” Krispenz and Bertrams explained. “According to this principle, individuals with dark personalities – such as high narcissistic and psychopathic traits – are attracted to certain forms of political and social activism, which they can use as a vehicle to satisfy their own ego-focused needs instead of actually aiming at social justice and equality.”

For those (like me) who don’t understand what psychopathic traits are::

Trait psychopathy is characterized by features such as untruthfulness, manipulativeness, callousness, lack of remorse or shame, as well as impulsive and antisocial tendencies. ( Benning et al., 2003)

Leftists aren’t frothing from the mouth crazy, but when you put it all together, leftists are self-absorbed liars who direct and move opinions to match their own. They are also heartless, without a conscience. They make knee-jerk opinions and never look at the long-term effects of the policies they support and are misanthropic.

With those personalities, leftists are not the type of person with whom I would enjoy going out for a cup of coffee. Even more critical is when you vote in 2024, who do you want running the country, leftists or conservatives.



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