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In an almost humorous narrative proposed by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Russians allegedly had some level of involvement in the recent Wiki-Leaks DNC email scandal. As Hillary’s campaign tells the story, the Russians are so enamored with the thought of Donald Trump as President of the United States that they have hacked the DNC’s emails to strengthen the Donald’s campaign. Interesting theory, truly fascinating…and totally lacking any factual support. As detailed by Adam Johnson over at

The actual culpability of Russia for those leaks, it’s worth noting, is still unproven. The only three parties that have audited the hackarecontractors for the US government, and the DNC’s initial story has since changed considerably. At first the DNC (and by extension their security firm CrowdStrike) said ”no financial, donor or personal information appears to have been accessed or taken,” but this later turned out not to be true at all.”

The evidence typically cited to counter this discrepancy is from an alleged chat Guccifer 2.0 had with Vice(6/16/16) showing fingerprints of a Russian plot. But the two pieces of evidence in question–that Russian metadata was left on the files and the person in question couldn’t speak native Romanian–raise more questions than they answer. If this was such a high-level FSB plot, why couldn’t the once legendary “KGB” scrub routine metadata, or find someone who speaks native Romanian? Either Russia is an omnipotent threat wielding its influence over the US and Europe’s otherwise pristine body politic, or they’re a bunch of incompetent bumbling idiots. Meanwhile, actual evidence for Russia’s involvement, as Vox notes, remains elusive.

The Russians aren’t coming for you Hillary but your fellow Americans sure are. In polling completed on July 25th, the country is showing signs of turning on the would-be Madame President. Four polling points indicate her fellow Americans are attacking Hillary as they see her for what she is. According to the most recent CNN poll:

  1. 68% say Clinton isn’t honest or trust-worthy. That’s um…not good if you want to be President.
  2. 56% say Clinton is perceived as “unfavorable“.
  3. 38% say Clinton would be proud to have her as President. Makes you wonder where they found those 38%.
  4. 45% say they prefer to vote for Sanders than Clinton.

There’s no evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC’s 20,000 emails (although reading about Hillary’s most recent illegal activities is quite illuminating). There is evidence however that this country is showing signs of life and, finally, seeing Hillary for what she is – a criminal, a fraud, and the worst choice for America for President of the United States in 2016. 


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