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By Conor Coughlin,

Electricity has real value, but the concept that the EPA invented a valuable electrical commodity known as “certified” energy efficiency is a total myth. The specific charade has played a critical role in the Global Warming myth for over three decades. This began with a US Dept of Energy program initiated by President George H. W. Bush, who created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992.

An assumption was made that government scientists had somehow developed new technologies to reduce electrical consumption in products, but the American people were never provided with any supporting evidence to confirm that hundreds of billions of dollars had ever been saved on electric bills. As the government made extraordinary claims about their new premium-priced brand, very few knew it was supposedly part of a voluntary program. That was simply not true. The ENERGY STAR brand has been mandated for use by the government since early 1993, and the program had connections to the UN since day one.

In January of 2023, an EPA media release announced that the ENERGY STAR program had advanced a new Energy Management system for Smart Homes so that Americans can save energy, save money, and help the climate with the latest smart home technology. Mainstream media outlets failed to report on that Smart Grid scheme because it can potentially deliver trillions of dollars in value to select “Stakeholders” groups associated with this State-owned enterprise. However, its scientific reasoning was being provided by some very non-American sources, using a Multi-Agent System (MAS) known only to a few high-level Globalists. The EPA had selected Samsung, a South Korean multinational corporation, as its first ENERGY STAR authorized provider. On a Smart Grid system with unlimited potential for use as a tool for illegal state surveillance, which most Americans would never want installed on their homes under any circumstances.

No amount of delusional rhetoric could convince any rational person that the ENERGY STAR branded products could ever be cost-effective or have any impact on the climate. The average American citizen could not simply understand how those shadowy green marketplaces operated or how those efforts could have benefited society. They had been left in the dark about the ENERGY STAR program being set up as a Public/Private partnership in 1992, and those private-sector investors presented an actual conflict of interest for DOE.

That ownership interest in a government-owned brand created a genuine Constitutional challenge. President Bill Clinton had used an executive order to mandate that every sub-division of government purchase only EPA-approved products and services as part of America’s procurement process. That set up a massive Pay-To-Play scheme, which allowed national, regional, and state bureaucracies to act as power brokers for corporate partners that could operate under the UN’s new business-driven agenda. When considering the EPA’s delusional energy-saving claims, the media supplied their own subjective judgment. They were getting paid well to portray their business partners as the UN’s protector for the world’s poor and downtrodden. In a process that is literally known as Virtue Signaling!

Government lawyers failed to disclose who those private-sector investors might be or what type of ownership interest the silent partners enjoyed in the State-owned enterprise. Or what other ties those investors/partners might have to groups like the corrupt UNOPS, which was being run as a “For Profit” agency. When George H. W. Bush, the former CIA Director, signed the USA onto the UN’s Agenda 21 Development Plan in 1992, that initiative was about forcing rich industrialized nations to pay the UN to protect poorer nations. That process had been flipped upside down, and now only the top jet-setting members of the World Economic Forum could afford to play. This player could pretend that the application of new environmental, Social, and Governance rules would be able to advance a sustainable business-governance model through nothing more than terminology.

As major marketplaces fail miserably, the media propagandists are still pretending that nobody has noticed the global collapse of the electric car industry. This is much like when Time Magazine produced an article on “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”, in which the author portrayed the characters behind a vast octopus-like hidden power as virtuous cultural warriors.

The lack of public trust was now being presented as proof that the elites were under attack for acting as savvy entrepreneurs in their stewardship of the environment. That twisted version of reality aligns with the next UN confab in Dubai this November, which will be presided over by Sultan Al Jaber, the chief executive for the United Arab Emirates national oil company, Adnoc. Nobody should be fooled by this nonsense anymore, but the mainstream stream has no option but to play with the gang.

Independent voters must pay close attention to those government green-washing schemes going into the 2024 election cycle because the Spin Doctors will be working overtime to confuse Americans about the credibility of DOE’s new highly specialized Certified Climate Change Professionals®. No comprehensive news coverage will be provided on the California Partners Project or groups like the shadowy California-based SEI Climate Corp partnership associated with the California Green Business Network, which has been pushing “green certificates” with their motto “People. Planet. Profit.”

Those state-level programs are very similar to the Biden regime DOE Climate Corp program, which was first introduced early this year. Which is about as trustworthy for saving money as the fraudulent Silicon Valley Bank was for making money with cryptocurrency.

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By Conor Coughlin · Launched 6 months ago

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