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By Faye Higbee,

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-MI., should be censured and expelled from the House for her support of terrorism, her silence regarding war crimes committed against children, her advocacy of fake news, and her leadership in what can only be called an insurrection.

As we reported, Tlaib remained silent when asked to condemn Hamas for murdering Israeli babies. Sure, she issued a weak statement, but she still could not find it within herself to condemn those atrocities.

After a rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza malfunctioned and crashed in the parking lot of a Gaza hospital, Tlaib instantly blamed Israel and continued to spread Hamas’ lying propaganda even AFTER evidence made it clear Israel had nothing to do with the incident.

And Breitbart reported when she was confronted with the lie, she refused to respond:

Earlier this week, pro-Palestinian protesters engaged in what can only be called an insurrection, storming a government building, demanding Israelis engage in a cease-fire, citing the fake news spread by Tlaib.

And guess who helped lead that insurrection? You got it — Rashida Tlaib.

As Joel B. Pollack wrote:

Left-wing protesters have staged demonstrations inside the Capitol before, but none have been treated the way participants in the January 6, 2021 protesters have been treated, many of whom were detained and given harsh sentences for non-violent offenses.

The U.S. has seen anti-Israel protests in major cities and on college campuses since a Hamas terror attack Oct. 7 killed 1,400 Israelis and wounded roughly 4,400 more. About 200 people — including some Americans — were taken to Gaza as hostages.

FBI Director Christopher Wray called the Capitol riot “domestic terrorism.” In this case, the pro-Palestinian protest is supporting terrorism against Israelis and Americans; a ceasefire would allow Hamas to escape without consequences for its atrocities.

Tlaib, by the way, displays a Palestinian flag outside her office. Her words and actions clearly show that her loyalties are NOT with the United States but with the terrorists who are engaged in a genocidal war to kill Jews.

Dan Bongino was absolutely right when he tweeted:

She must be censured, expelled from Congress, and criminal charges against her for supporting terrorism, treason, and inciting insurrection. She is, quite literally, the enemy within.

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