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By Jeff Davidson

These are extremely strange times. The Left, having the upper hand at this moment in governing, the airwaves, the printed press, the Internet, and much of prevailing opinion, seeks to normalize all types of behavior, however unhealthy, deviant, or civilization-destroying.

Adults who sexually prey on children are no longer pedophiles. The proper terms based on Leftist propaganda is “minor-attracted individuals.” These are people who simply have preferences that differ from you and me and are not to be shunned, kept off the streets, or jailed. In other words, deviant behavior is recast as merely a preference. How sick.

Those who smoke are still shunned by society. Those who overeat, however, are making inroads. If the Leftists have their way, then being super large, being so morbidly obese that your days on Earth are numbered, is merely another lifestyle choice, a preference, that we should all honor and respect.

Crammed In

Think back, have you ever been forced to sit in the middle seat of an airplane between two large-girth individuals? Perhaps a middle seat was your only option. What if this seat was between two overstuffed passengers?


This happened to me. It was among my least enjoyable flights. The blubber of the passengers to the left and right of me hung over the armrests. Their legs clashed with mine, on both sides, for the whole flight. My shoulders were cramped as if I had fallen into a narrow construction tube.


The 110-minute flight perceptually took 5 hours. I kept looking around for any alternative. I hesitate to mention that a smell was emanating from one of these passengers. When served by the flight attendants, it was awkward for me to lower the tray table and to consume what I had been given.


Once inside the airport, I scurried to the airline’s service desk and complained. They told me they were powerless. Passenger weights and girth, as you’ve concluded, are not part of the ticket reservation process. The airlines have no flaming idea whether somebody booking a flight is obese or not… unless some previous incident has been reported.


Another “Victim” Group

Organizations such as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance are ensuring that the rights they demand are publicly well known, on par with those of transvestites and transgender individuals. In fact, fat advocacy groups are pushing for rights that you and I would never dare to seek.

Some plus-size advocates contend that airlines should make a second or third seat readily available to the morbidly obese. Never mind who pays for it. Never mind how the planes might need to be reconfigured. How does a morbidly obese person make his/her way down a thin airplane aisle? How do they fit in the restrooms? Well, the airplanes need to capitulate, just the same, according to the advocates.

Jaelynn Chaney, a lifestyle and travel advocate for the super large, believes that the FAA must make extreme accommodations for her brethren. Regardless of one’s size, the airlines should reconfigure their cabins so that someone flying coach is comfortable for the entire flight and can easily access the seats. Further, she believes that airlines ought to refund extremely overweight passengers for the additional seats they might have been forced to buy when first booking their reservation.

She reports that she and her partner have experienced extreme discomfort and outright discrimination while flying. In her view, all large-girth passengers must be given an extra seat or two depending on the width of their derrieres. This will ensure that they can have a comfortable flight that meets their needs.

A “Growing” Movement

Ms. Chaney circulated a petition months back which was quickly signed by 4,300 people, and you can presume many more have signed since then. When asked who pays for these extra seats, she has no answer. The airlines, in accommodating her requests, would be losing fares that they could receive from other passengers. Hey, that’s not her concern.

So, should society now “normalize” obesity and the thousands of poor life choices that millions of individuals have made over the years and are still making each day? Why don’t we simply “normalize” everything? Pursuits like polygamy, polyandry, ployamory, pedophilia, child trafficking (sexual slavery), abduction and captivity, child sacrifice, human sacrifice, harvesting organs, bloodletting, chemical addictions, self flagellation, suicide ideation, public urination and defecation, bestiality, animal cruelty, cultism, devil worship, satanic rituals, demonology, voodoo, cannibalism… You know, everyday kind of activities.

Jeff Davidson is “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management.


Jeff Davidson


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