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By Jeff Davidson,

At a recent Congressional hearing, Senator John Kennedy embarrassed the upper leadership of the Department of Homeland Security. That was not his intent, but that is what happened. He asked high-ranking members of Homeland Security exceedingly simple questions.

Do the Numbers Matter?

Did they knew how many people have crossed the border thus far during Biden’s administration? Eight million, but none knew. He asked whether or not the Biden administration was seeking to have aliens and asylum seekers stop in the first country that represented a safe haven. None responded coherently.

Since 30% of the eight million border crossers have been from Mexico, that means 70% or 5.6 million people, would not have come to our border. By contrast, Nebraska’s entire population is barely two million people.

As Kennedy posed one question after another to these top officials, whose mission is to protect the homeland, they offered nothing of substance. Their collective testimonies were a total sham. None of them deserve to be in the positions that they hold or to be receiving a substantial government paycheck with all kinds of benefits.

The China Syndrome

Let’s consider one type of border infiltration: Between January and September of 2023, more than 22,000 Chinese Nationals have been apprehended while attempting to cross our Southern border. The numbers are staggering when you consider that this represents a 13 times increase over the same period in 2022.

From China…. you know, the country with Feng Feng, and Joe, James, and Hunter Biden and on the payroll? The country which seeks to steal our technology at every turn, sets up surveillance outposts at America universities, dishonor patents and trademarks, sides with Russia and Iran, and sends spy balloons over North America?

If only 1% of these Chinese “asylum seekers” are actually spies, that would reek havoc on our homeland security. Beyond the sheer numbers, one has to realize that most of these Chinese line jumpers are lone adults, mostly 20 to 30 year-old men, with no spouse, no children, and no family to speak of.

Often, their land-based journey begins in Ecuador. Why? Because Ecuador allows Chinese to travel there without a visa.

The Long and Winding Road

These line jumpers join up with others from around the world for an ultra long hike through the Darien Gap, a trail that extends from South America to North America, in rainforest covered with thick vegetation.

Curiously, from 2010 to 2020, less than 400 Chinese Nationals were on record as having attempted the arduous hike. Then, mysteriously, the figure suddenly grew and grew. So far, this year, a reported 5,500 Chinese Nationals have been registered as entering the Gap.

Too many of these Chinese Nationals are suspect and represent a distinct security threat. Let’s be frank: the Chinese Communist party wants to send as many spies here as possible, through every means available. Under the Biden administration, many means are available.

Why is the Biden administration so lax, particularly when it comes to this brand of gate crashers? James Comer’s congressional committee has documented that Biden and company have taken huge bribes from the Chinese government in the form of influence peddling, sweetheart deals, and so on.

Joe Biden has long sold out America for huge personal financial gain and is now selling out America again by not honoring his fundamental responsibility as commander-in-chief, which is to secure the border and keep Americans safe.

A Traitor by Any Other Name

There needs to be no greater justification than that for impeaching Joe Biden, a complete and utter disaster as president, and a traitor to our country. Biden has installed lame cabinet secretaries and major government officials all across the Federal government. They could care less if 20 million or 30 million invaders appear at the border. Indeed, they surreptitiously applaud it.

They hate America; want to make us just another country, but want to retain power. They think that the rest of the population is inferior to themselves. They believe that by flooding the country with potential future Democrat voters, they will accomplish their goals.

These Leftist ideologues must be stopped. Each one should be impeached, and even indicted for shirking their duties, for de facto overturning our laws, and for imperiling our country in ways that will reverberate for years to come.

Jeff Davidson is “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management.


Jeff Davidson


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