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“The Key is in Understanding the Moves of God’s Sovereignty!”

While an increasing number of Israelis are busy creating their own reality, less and less time appears to be spent on what God has in mind, for any particular contemporary situation.

This is especially true regarding the Immigration through Conquest situation, contrived by 21st-century Marxist Multiculturalists to de-stabilize and de-nationalize Israel.

Surprisingly, the answer is not as many in Israel put forth. That is, to deport the non-Jewish blacks en masse to, ultimately, their deaths and heinous profiteering for the slave trade.  This would seriously lessen western Christian support for Israel…

To do so is Hitlerism 101. In the early 20th century, there was an Immigration through Conquest move of the Jewish people into Germany. This opportunity was intensified immediately following the Versailles Treaty, which was admittedly unfair and took even more of Germany’s few remaining assets.

But if Hitlerism 101 is not the answer – and neither is the liberal-leftist fiasco – could there be another way? Hitler failed with his occult methods and Israel, not consulting history, will also fail with these methods. Because as they have measured out so will they be measured. So what is the answer?

Hello? God is still Sovereign and is waiting for a consultative moment! Since my grandmother’s name was Solomon, I’m going to offer my two cents….

It is no accident in God’s Sovereignty that as the black aliens are flooding in, Scripture commands Israel to welcome the alien. How is this done? They are an unassimilated, untrained, and unattended mess!  And so. We start with one or more rapidly-built Sanctuary Cities, in the hottest areas of southern Israel, to which the mass of black immigrants are most acclimated. They will get chilly in northern Israel.

Anyone who wants to stay must serve in the IDF a minimum three years. Their military training takes place within the bounds of the Sanctuary Cities. They are trained by Jewish blacks, such as Ethiopians, for maximum effectiveness. They are legally seen as a proxy group not Jewish, but serving Israel. No Muslim black immigrants are allowed and should be immediately deported.  Fellow Muslims back home can do with them as they please.

This PR of not deporting Christian black immigrants to their deaths will be hailed by millions of Christian American supporters! It must be kept before the American Christian public…

In God’s Sovereignty, the prayers of the Orthodox Jews and Christian Jews have been heard. What Satan intended for evil, God now turns around for Israel’s maximum good. Let’s face it. The Orthodox Jews are a precious heritage in Israel and were never, ever, ever, meant for warfare. And if they don’t want to do it, let’s face it, they won’t be good at it!

However. The non-Jewish black immigrants – in the final analysis God’s proxy army for Israel – have already received much of their rugged training, vital to winning wars! That is, the trek on foot, in itself, has already put them in shape for effective service in the IDF!

Will they fight hard? Absolutely! God has made it that, so under no conditions, do they want to return to their de-stabilized, dangerous homelands!

So Israel now has a choice and has to make it fast. This is a moment in history for a very rapid Management-by-Crisis situation. That is, we manage one crisis by managing another crisis. Those non-Jewish blacks who want to stay will be fed, uniformed and housed by fighting for Israel! This is God’s true proxy group! Get on it!

What are the advantages to imperiled Israel? First, the Orthodox Jews are not to be conscripted for warfare. They are NOT fighters and are not to be sent to quick deaths, though the globalists deeply desire this! Israel already has a hidden army, all ready to go, who are a thousand times more the ready warriors than the Orthodox!

King David would have been proud of these proxy warriors.

They are the answer to the Orthodox Jewish prayers! But they are also the answer to Christian prayers, as no Christian in the western world wants to see Christian blacks return to turmoil and chaos. The Orthodox will then be fully supportive of the nationalist Netanyahu administration!

Secondly, Christians around the world will fund and support this! Don’t worry about who’s to pay for this! Contributions will come in steadily from around the world. And this move will increase support for Netanyahu, at a time that he badly needs it!

Thirdly, those non-Jewish Christian black immigrants who opt to stay – pledging to do a better job in warfare than the Orthodox, now off the hook – must legally agree to dwell in Sanctuary Cities in southern Israel with their families before, during and after IDF service. A very small price to pay, indeed, in exchange to returning to guaranteed death and slavery!

And at this point we must distinguish between “racism” and common sense. It is a given that Israel is to welcome the alien. But this does not extend to NWO-intended mongrelizing aliens. “Racism” was coined by Trotsky to get the “moral high ground,” when increasing Europeans countered his Marxist Multicultural agenda into Europe. But it could easily be argued that blacks are being racists against their own women by not marrying them. If they want to stay in Israel and not be deported to their deaths, they must agree to these terms.

Perhaps most importantly, thousands of IDF young men and women will not be sent to immediate deaths and cripplings in the upcoming battles. Tens of thousands of vital Jewish DNA will be preserved.  There will now be separate black units – separate especially in terms of language communications – positioned in strategic areas where their rough and rugged skills suit them best!

So let’s get on with it! And here’s a Divine tip for the almost-overnight built Sanctuary Cities in southern Israel: The Perimeter of each Sanctuary City is to be 316,800 inches.

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