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Children Suffer Under A Silent Church — Part 3

What doesn’t help is when our judicial system attempts to force situations on our children and there doesn’t appear to be any opposition.  In Kansas City a ‘judge’ has decided that boys and girls will share ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms!  If this is not a judicial overreach of biblical proportions I don’t know what is.  No more separate restrooms for boys and girls, with rows of feet-showing stalls. The North Kansas City school district is going fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools, opening on Wednesday, as well as in a few renovated restrooms in North Kansas City High School and the sixth-grade centers.

The bathrooms still have an open alcove area with a common trough sink, but the toilets are enclosed inside individual stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and lockable doors.

A single sign on the wall outside displays both the male and female symbols. 1 What else complicates this is a total acceptance of this insanity by the schools AND the parents.  “We had such positive feedback from students, teachers and parents,” said Rochel Daniels, executive director of organizational development for the district. “Since then we have decided to replicate the concept in any new construction.” That included the newly built Rising Hill Elementary on Northeast 108th Street and Northview Elementary on North Indiana Avenue, as well as renovations at North Kansas City High and the Eastgate and Gateway sixth-grade centers.

“I think it is great,” said Melanie Austin, whose daughter will be a first-grader at the district’s Crestview Elementary and in gifted classes once a week at the innovation center. “You just don’t know what gender a kid might identify as. This helps everyone to feel comfortable, accepted.” 2  Any parent that is willing to expose their child to this type of abuse, and abuse is just what it is, they should not be allowed to raise a child.

Our society has gotten so far out of line from the Founding principles that we are hard to recognize.  Our Founders would ask us why we have gone so far away from the foundation that made us great?  As I have stated probably a hundred times or better over the last 15 years, the reason we have gone down the path that we are on is a complete failure of organized religion to stand strong for the Word of God.  They have allowed sin to be called sickness, lifestyles that contradict the Word of God are now called viable alternative lifestyles.

I was concerned about this Kansas City ruling so I contacted several churches in the Kansas City area to find out what they were doing to oppose this threat to the children in their public schools.  I was completely shocked, but not really surprised at the responses I got.  I contacted eight different churches to find out their stance on that ruling and what, if anything they were going to do to combat it.  Not one single church was aware that this ruling had been made.  NOT ONE!  I firmly believe that this is because the church has gotten so far away from the political arena out of fear of the IRS and fear of offending one side of the aisle or the other, that they have no clue as to what is being done and the rights of theirs that are being violated.

Out of the eight churches I called, I was only able to speak with someone at two of the churches.  I left messages at all eight churches explaining why I was calling and would like to speak with someone who could give me the church’s position on this court overreach and what, if anything, they were going to do to protect their children.

At World Revival Church, 877-804-5433, I called three times, I never received a return call even though the messages were left with an associate pastor and the senior pastor.

At Linwood United Church, 819-761-3400, I left messages and never received a return call.

At International House of Prayer, 816-763-0200, I left messages but never received a return call.

At The Cause Church, 816-719-8693, again, I left messages but never received a return call.

At Resurrection Downtown, 816-979-1330, I left messages and did get a return call from Pastor Scott, but he could not state the church’s position on this court ruling.  He was not the senior pastor but still, how, as a pastor, can he not be aware of the church’s position on requiring boys and girls to share the same bathrooms, as he told me?  But he also told me that he could not state that position even if he knew it.  That had to be done by the ‘communications director’, Cathy Bein, 913-897-0120, whom I called and left 2 messages and never received a return call.

At Community Christian, 816-561-6531, I left a message for a pastor Ryan, an associate pastor, but never received a return call and on my third call I was spoken to by the receptionist almost with disgust saying; “We don’t comment to journalists”.  She would not let me leave another message.

At The Rock, 816-243-1400, three messages were but I never received a return call.

At Christ Community, 913-685-1161, three messages were left but I never received a return call.

I believe that it is easy to see why our government gets away with so many of the things it gets away with.  The church, which is supposed to be the entity that keeps the government filled with godly men and women according to Exodus 18:21, has miserably failed and that failure has put the Christian community AND our children in not just spiritual danger but physical danger and put America on a path that will be very difficult to reverse.

It is hard to fathom how the church can be so calloused as to be more concerned about political correctness than keeping our most precious possession, our children, safe from sexual perverts.  This trend is seeping into many different areas and we don’t hear a peep out of the church as it happens.

I should not be surprised as here in my home state of Colorado, we passed a law a few years back, SB 200, that allows boys to use a girls bathroom, locker room, and shower if he identifies as a girl.  Girls can use the boys’ facilities if she indemnities as a boy.  There has been only one instance where there was some opposition but the media kept it quiet.

My last installment will cover cases of debauchery the church is deafening silent about.

Foot Notes

  3. Defining America’s Exceptionalism, Roger Anghis (Westbow Press, Bloomington, IN) pp. 17-18.

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