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By K. Walker,

If ignorance is bliss, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should be the happiest people on the planet.

Sadly, they aren’t. (It’s probably the lack of protein.)

Nah, these PETA peeps are pretty miserable, and they don’t really like it if someone else is having a good time, either. Especially when it comes to food and the holidays.

In an X post on Wednesday, the animal rights organization posted artwork depicting turkeys sitting around a table giving thanks with human meat as the main dish. The caption reads, “We’re lucky turkeys would never do this to us — you don’t have to do it to them, either.”

The post got millions of views and significant engagement … and a community noteworthy of a “Fact Check Hall of Fame” that should perhaps be created just for this note.

The note reads, “Turkeys are not vegetarians. Turkeys eat mice, lizards, frogs, and just about anything they can fit in their mouth. If turkeys were larger or had the technological means to farm and eat humans, their current diet reveals they likely would.” It includes a link to an article on the University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources page about Wild Turkeys.

This deserves to be framed.

For a group that advocates for animal rights, you’d think that they’d know a thing or two about the animals that they’re advocating for. Apparently, they don’t. What a nutty organization!

But then, what do you expect? The founder appears to be seriously unhinged and, as they say, the fish rots from the head down.

For twenty years, Peta’s founder Ingrid Newkirk has been desperate to draw attention to her cause by making bizarre updates to her will to carve up her body and send parts to various celebrities and world leaders to make a point about her opposition to their actions.

Newkirk’s will also includes the request to carve out and sear some of her flesh “to fry up with onions for a human barbecue.”

Which just shows that she doesn’t realize that frying meat isn’t “barbecuing” it. But what do you expect from someone whose brain has been deprived of animal fats since 1979?

The reaction on X to PETA’s post was as one would expect — explaining things using small words and outright mockery.


Important message to vegetarians:

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