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In the past 3 or 4 days, the old Obama “Birther Claims” are again making headlines. This time is that candidate Donald Trump is attempting to close the door on it by saying that Barack Benito Milhous Hussein Obama (ht: Mark Levin) was born in the United States – period.

You know it – the claim that Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be president – the claim that was first implicitly floated by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2007 and 2008. Yes, that one.

It wasn’t Donald Trump who originally fired up the birther train. He just took it to ridiculous heights.

It was actually a political stunt by Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist Mark Penn who wrote in 2007: “His [Obama] roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and his values.”

Penn also suggested how the campaign might take advantage of this. “Every speech should contain the line that you [Hillary] were born in the middle of America to the middle class in the middle of the last century,” he advised Clinton. “And talk about the basic bargain as about [sic] the deeply American values you grew up with, learned as a child, and that drive you today.” He went on: “Let’s explicitly own ‘American’ in our programs, the speeches and the values. He doesn’t … Let’s add flag symbols to the backgrounds [of campaign events].”

So they’ve chosen the one straw man they can go to war against. A topic so utterly pointless at this time, the only question to be asked is – what is the point? Almost eight years into Obama’s reign and it’s being brought up again. There is no point, other than as a distraction – which is the point. Anything to get Clinton out of the limelight.

Maybe it’s because Clinton is fading faster than a red shirt in a vat of bleach. Is the left feeling the urgent need to somehow trump_clinton_birtherdistract the American electorate and focus their attention on something other than sickly Hillary? Add to this the fact that Islamic terrorism has once again landed right in our own backyards, which plays right into Trump’s wheel-house.

Yet with The Donald’s declaration – it should be over, right? It certainly would if it were a democrat. Heck no. Now the press wants an explanation to accompany the declaration – anything to distract. And if he provides that there will be yet another follow-up which they surely have already scripted and circulated throughout the leftist press.

Literally every main-stream liberal news outlet has posted a Trump birther story – some posting multiple articles.

The New York Times, whose motto is “All the Lies Fit to Print,” had the nerve to write: “Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton had been first to spread the rumor that Obama was not a native-born citizen. This is a lie. A lie that all the fact checkers in the world debunked when he started saying it long ago.”

You’re right NYT. The Clinton campaign did not say those exact words, which does give liberal “fact checkers” cover, but an honest assessment of Penn’s statements above must conclude that this is what they going for – yet what would the NYT know about honest assessments.

If I were Trump – at his next event, I would turn to the cameras and say: “I hear the democrats want an apology for the so-called ‘birther’ nonsense. I’ll tell you what. I will apologize for that the day Hillary apologizes for lying about Benghazi – for lying about classified documents – for 100 years of liberals running this country into the ground – for Obamacare – for the rise of ISIS – for the Iran nuclear debacle, etc., etc, etc.”


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