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Printed money makes up less than 1% of the money emitted and controlled by the FED. Actually the US Treasury prints the FED’s NOTES (debt).

The problem is not physical money, it is the network of debt controlled currency throughout the world where each country agrees to use money in international trade and agrees that the price for the currency is to be set by exchanges like FOREX, and the price for commodities and securities to be set by the commodity and security exchanges in the US and London.

Globalism seeks that the whole world agree on prices and the whole world agree on values. This is why they push for globalism. With one world currency, all national currency is irrelevant. One world government permits one world currency and the whole financial empire simpler. And they have thought it out. It is a long, long term plan — so far more than 300 years.

It is a necessary start for each country to have their own local currency which cannot be traded on international exchanges because these are controlled by debt. But, to get rid of the FED and indeed all privately owned central banks, requires a global network of nations each allied with each other and each with local currencies. And they must trade with each other as sovereign nations.

To build that network is to establish allies with all nations and by so doing end international, and national internal conflict. Conflict is in the financial interest of the globalizers.

To end the fed is to eliminate the Rothschild financial empire. It is private, but it is more powerful that governments or groups of governments that do not control their own local currency, not because of their military strength, but by making all nations dependent upon their debt based money. They control all the central banks in all the world, and because of people’s dependence on money and international trade, they don’t see an easy way out of their grasp. And there is no easy way out. To be sovereign, a country must emit and control its own money. With globalization, control of money, debt and favors it controls all governments and keeps them controlled by internal and external conflicts — insurrections and wars. Since they emit and control all the money for all the world, they can buy all the mercenaries to fight all the wars and create all the insurrections that have brought us to the mess we are in now.

The system of central banking, including the FED is a monetary system, and it is ubiquitous. For some it is hard to believe that a private organization has more power than the most powerful government, but “give me the power to emit and control money and I care not who makes the laws.” Through a 1933 bankruptcy agreement, it owns the US government. And it owns the majority of governments, the same way.

The only non war way to get sovereignty back is to pay back the loans and the favors.

And the only war way to get it back is to replace it with strong alliances and a viable alternative for each country and treaties with other countries so that each nation benefits.

The problem with the war way is that it is not a nation fighting with another nation or group of nations, it is a strong alliance of sovereign nations who must try, in unison, to overthrow a financial empire ruled by despots and tyrants.

For international prosperity each nation must seek an equal or better balance of trade of goods and services with other sovereign nations. Trade, not money. Goods and services, not money. For a country or a person to prosper, they need to trade what they need, fairly for that which the other needs. That is what makes for individual and international prosperity. Within a country local money can be used to establish value and thus national prosperity. How to do it is detailed in my web page.

Details in or or Once you get to that page click on the link at the top of the page which says “In English” In order to understand the scope, ubiquity and reach of the monetary system you should study all aspects of this page. At the current level of complexity remove and replace is not a simple solution.

Think of anything you own. Imagine the world without the financial system that exists. How would you determine the price of anything you own, buy or sell? Imagine if you have to do it for everything you want to buy or sell. Once you do that, you begin to see that it cannot be resolved by simple barter, or grains of gold or silver, or gallons of oil or gas. People have to agree to a value, and that is what the system does, and that is what each nation has to do for themselves and agree to do with others.

It is, as a systems analyst would say, “a non-trivial task.”


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