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By K Walker,

The question has been asked — and asked again — if a hypothetical president had been corrupted by foreign enemies and wanted to actively destroy the country, what would he do differently from Joe Biden’s actual policies?

While the question was intended as a rhetorical one, the further we get into Joe’s presidency, the more difficult it is to answer. So many of the projects he touches turn to crap it is almost as if his advisors are HOPING for failure. *cough* Cloward-Piven *cough*

You could go down the list: Afghanistan. Military readiness/recruitment/funding. The economy. Debt. The weaponization of the state against political enemies from Donald J. Trump all the way down to parents lawfully petitioning school boards, Catholics attending mass, and pro-life protesters facing raids at daybreak.

But as blatant as any of those might be, the most egregious example is the absolute lawlessness of how Biden and his administration have been handling the border, pumping in more than a quarter million illegal aliens a month — and counting with little or no regard as to what impact those people might have on the places that receive them.

Any steps taken to put any brakes at all on immigration — whether barriers, legislation, or any other measure — are fought tooth and nail by Biden’s DOJ.

We can debate the ‘why’ all day, but one thing is clear: They WANT this outcome. Jennifer Former Hillary advisor Jennifer Palmieri once said the electoral future of the Democrats actually depended on this policy.

The Department of Homeland Security was aware that a large population of migrants was preparing to cross the southern border months before a near-record number surged into the country this month, internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show—but appears to have taken no action to forestall an influx that has overwhelmed local officials across the United States.

The documents show that Mexican immigration authorities have seen a spike in apprehensions since May, an indication that border crossings were likely to rise, and that federal agencies documented a large buildup of migrants on the Mexican side of the border at the beginning of September. — FreeBeacon

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