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What if I were to offer you a sure-fire investment that would, if implemented properly, guarantee to at least double or triple your money in 3-4 years. The investment is so simple and straightforward – you could be completely hands off. You would not have to do a thing. It would require no monitoring of a fund or stocks – not even a yearly review, such as a mutual fund or IRA.

It would require nothing but an initial investment. Then just sit back and let others do the work. In a few years, reap the reward.

Okay – you may be saying – where do I sign? And by the way – what’s the investment?

Well – the investment is a pipe dream. It’s not real. There is no real investment which is that easy and simultaneously sure fire. Or is there?

Actually, yes there is, and we conservatives have been promoting it for years. It’s called building the Southern Border Wall and deporting the illegals already here. It’s been well established that the cost of illegal immigration to this country is north of $100 billion per year. And that’s just the normal governmental outlays. The $100 billion doesn’t include the cost of fraud being perpetrated on American citizens in the form of stolen identities or increased insurance costs and citizen job losses to illegals.

In January of this year CNBC did a piece on the cost of Trump’s proposed wall. They estimated the cost per mile of the wall to be between $2.8 million and $3.9 million. Okay – now let’s do the math.

First we’ll split the different. This gives us a cost of $3.35 million per mile. We know the length is about 2000 miles – so 3.35 x 2,000 = $6.7 billion. That, my friends, is extremely reasonable, although quite unrealistic. This is government we’re talking about. If we double it, that will still be only $13.4 billion.

Senator McConnell estimates the cost at between $12 billion and $15 billion. This sounds more realistic. So knowing it’s still a government-run operation, we’ll double that.

This gives us a total of around $30 billion for 2000 miles of wall. Now go back and juxtapose this with the annual cost of keeping illegals here and voila, there’s your magic investment.

Those opposed to the wall throw out these various billion dollar figures in an effort to scare us away – like it’s some huge amount of money, yet individual federal government departments waste and/or lose that much in a year.

Put another way – President Trump is said to be in favor of a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. No one seems to bat an eye at this staggering sum, but a 2,000 mile security wall at a mere 3% of the infrastructure proposal is just too insurmountable.

And last I checked, wouldn’t building a wall be considered infrastructure? Why not then just earmark 3-5% of the “infrastructure proposal” for the wall? Like it will be missed or anything.

So all that being said, why then are politicians and pundits so concerned with Trump’s claim that Mexico will pay for the wall? Who Cares!

On ABC’s “This Week” with George Snufulufigus, Marco Rubio was quick to point out that Mexico had no intention of footing the bill. He told George that he met with the Mexican Foreign Minister. “We met with the Foreign Minister,” and the topic of the wall came up, “and uh, let me just say – Mexico’s not going to pay for the wall,” Rubio said.

Again – so what – who cares! The American people want to see that wall built and they/we don’t care if Mexico contributes a single dime – now or ever. It’s the one government project which will actually pay for itself – and then some.

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