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Oil and gas leases in non-wilderness areas of ANWR are now canceled, as is the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A). The Biden Administration formally canceled leases obtained in 2021 for 365,775 acres in the oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, even though the leases were set aside for exploration in Area 1002 by law, now they have been canceled. Biden has effectively shut off energy production in Alaska – and the backlash is furious.


With climate change warming the Arctic more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet, we must do everything within our control to meet the highest standards of care to protect this fragile ecosystem. Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior

More than twice as fast? Where’s the data for that statement? Let’s be clear: we all love the wildlife inside the ANWR refuge. But destroying the economy by canceling the oil and gas leases is a gigantic mistake. There is no data that shows oil and gas exploration kills wildlife. There are opinions and narratives but no complex data. But it will definitely kill America’s ability to produce energy. It’s been the left’s agenda: destroy all of America’s fossil fuel industry.

After a summer of sending a parade of cabinet members to tour Alaska, President Joe Biden today said he is canceling all of the oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s 1002 area and also is shutting down development of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

Area 1002 was set aside by Congress for oil and gas production. In 2020, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority bid on and was awarded land leases in the region, a lease that was part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017.

As a candidate, Biden promised to shut down oil and gas production on federal lands, including ANWR and the NPR-A, which meant destroying high paying jobs Americans and Alaskan families and communities would benefit from.

The National Petroleum Reserve- Alaska is also at risk in this move. The Biden administration plans to block off 13 million acres of land that CONGRESS set aside for resource development, along with 2.8 million acres in the Beaufort Sea. And they’re ignoring the “science” on top of it.

If we’re talking ANWR and caribou herds, you’ll see many activists ignore science to justify closure here—despite decades of study showing exploration is safe and herds are fine.”  Gabriella Hoffman, journalist and media strategist

Activists always ignore science. They have an agenda. The anger at Biden’s decision was significant, and Alaska vowed to take it to court.

The move prompted cheers from most Democrats, but a furious response from the GOP and the bipartisan Alaska delegation, who said the cancellation not only broke legal contracts but would weaken the United States and lead to higher energy prices.” Jim Weed, Conservative X-user

The problem is that this move breaks the law and defies the separation of powers. Oil and gas leases are mandated by Federal Law -not the whims of a radical leftist government and its cronies. On top of the lease issue, the Biden Administration also ‘quietly’ banned carrying the fossil fuel LNG – Liquified Natural Gas – by rail, furthering the energy crisis in America.

“Having just spent more than a month home in communities across our state, there is palpable anger and frustration among Alaskans about the Biden administration’s unrelenting assault on our economy and our ability to lawfully access our lands. This war on Alaska is devastating for not only Alaska but also the energy security of the nation. This unlawful cancellation of AIDEA’s ANWR leases today now brings us to 55 executive orders and actions specifically targeting Alaska since President Biden assumed office.” Sen Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska

“Let’s be clear — this is another attempt to use executive action to circumvent a law to accomplish what this administration does not have the votes to achieve in Congress,” he added. “Canceling valid leases, removing acreage from future sales, and attempting to reduce production in Alaska while taking steps to allow Iran and Venezuela to produce more oil — with fewer environmental regulations — makes no sense and is frankly embarrassing.” Sen Joe Manchin D-WV

Will this decision stand, or will Alaska be able to countermand it? The agenda Biden put forth during his campaign – that there would be “NO drilling on any federal lands period” – is designed to push forward the destruction of America. What will you do about it?

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