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Snowflakes of the Trump Era


Remember back when Trump, in all his anti-pc glory, was running for President?

Remember how he was making all those liberal heads explode?

Remember the expressions on the faces of the news anchors on election night as the numbers became more and more clear that he had won?

Remember all the laughs and giggles we had over the antics of those silly liberals and how we started calling them snowflakes?

Yeah, it was great fun for awhile and i was laughing and slapping my knee as much as anyone.

But here’s the thing. in spite of winning, in spite of being on top for once, conservatives went right down that same damn path and it’s pissing me off. Get a life, people! So someone said or did something that went over the top, that offended you, that you didn’t like. First amendment, remember? Move on past and focus on something positive. Let the fools stew i their own juices.

Okay, so Kathy Griffin showed us she was in her menses, so Colbert said some really unkind, stupid things, so Johnny Depp miserably tried to channel John Wilkes Booth. Quit giving them attention, It’s what they crave. As for Madonna’s thoughts, probably the only thing she’s gonna do is put some “blow” “up” her nose, and for Judd, if she wants to be a “nasty woman”, let her sit in her own filth.

Most of these idiots have failing careers and desperately crave attention and to again be relevant, so instead of giving them all the free publicity, just go “meh”, and quit being the same damn snowflakes we were laughing at.

We’ve got better things to do!

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Eric Thönnesen

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