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Obama’s Hypocrisy is Endangering America

After Congresses’ vote to override Obama and allow U.S. Citizens to sue for damages caused by terrorists, Obama declared that actions encouraging foreign countries to sue the USA set a bad precedent.

That is exactly the precedent he set when he started making the $33b in cash payments to Iran for a law suit they did not win. Iran had been unable to prove their case for 35 years and had not won. Our country and citizens have greater claims against Iran for the destruction of our embassy and taking Americans hostages and lives. Where is our compensation?

Obama simply capitulated to a foreign country’s law suit to fund the jihad movement in his last two years in office. If there is anyone leading the way with – what he states is a bad precedent, it is Obama. He has demonstrated that if a foreign country sues us or our citizens, and stalls long enough for another administration as weak and anti-American as Obama’s (no “leader” leads from behind), they will be handsomely rewarded for their assault on America.

Talk about dog whistles to encourage foreign law suits – Obama just said to the world, here it is, come and get it; you don’t even have to win, especially if you support terrorism.

Just stall long enough, wait and compound your interest!


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Bill Sandry

I am a "retired" attorney and am active in working with the AZ legislature on bills. We got a bill through the legislature this session to protect parental rights for their children in school and are waiting to see if the governor will sign it. I write pieces that are usually about current events and politically oriented. I also have a strong interest in history. I have just started my web site and do not plan to have it well underway for another month or so. My undergraduate degrees are in political science and modern British history. I will be glad to send you my resume if you will let me know where to send it to. I can also send you a piece I recently wrote on Prop123 to fund education if you want to review it. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to write for iPatriot. Bill

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