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Conservative commentator Mark Levin on Thursday denounced the indictment against former President Donald Trump and also had angry words for former Vice President Mike Pence.

Referencing comments from former Attorney General Bill Barr to CNN about the limits of free speech, Levin exploded during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“As the indictment says, they are not attacking his First Amendment right. He can say whatever he wants, he can even lie. He can even tell people that the election was stolen when he knew better,” Barr told CNN. “But that does not protect you from entering into a conspiracy.

“At first I wasn’t sure, but I have come to believe he knew well he had lost the election,” Barr also said.

Levin fired back, saying, “This indictment, Mr. Barr, is crap.”

Levin said “the reason they didn’t bring insurrection and seditious conspiracy is because there was no insurrection and seditious conspiracy.”

Levin then turned his attention to Pence, who after the indictment was issued said, “Sadly the president was s
urrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear. The president ultimately continued to demand that I choose him over the Constitution,” according to PBS.

“I want to say something to Mike Pence, who has turned out to be quite the weasel. Mike Pence fought like hell. He didn’t want to testify in front of this grand jury. He didn’t want to give his notes to this grand jury. Now we know why,” he said.

“Scribbling them down in the meeting. Well, he had to give them up. Then he gives them up — now he comes out, he is like, all of a sudden, he is a drama queen, ‘I said no.’ Because his notes are in there, he flipped completely. And ‘I stopped a constitutional crisis.’ You did?” Levin said.

Levin said the indictment will have broad reverberations.

“This guy Jack Smith has now destroyed our electoral system. Nobody knows the rules of the game. Nobody knows when challenges can be made or cannot be made. Now they’re going to figure out what you’re thinking and what you believe and so forth,” he said.

In an extended version of Levin’s comments reproduced by Breitbart, Levin added, “What are the rules now? What now are the rules for running challenging and disputing elections and who decides? When can a candidate rely on legal advice? We have lawyers who are indicted for giving legal advice the government disagrees with. Is a president not free to discuss decisions about the elections with his vice president? The vice president is free to do whatever he [wants], as this vice president did. Is a president freely to dispute election results without being indicted? He knew he lost, but he said he didn’t lose. So what, either way it doesn’t matter,” Levin said

Levin also commented that the Democratic Party is waging what he called a “passive revolution” to transform America, according to Fox News, “where they take over the institutions of government, they take over the institutions of the culture and they impose their will.”

“You see what’s going on. You see we’re unraveling… The Democrat (sic) Party is destroying our schools, it’s destroying parental rights, it’s destroying the nuclear family, it’s destroying people of faith. It’s gone after the Catholic Church. The Democrat Party is promoting censorship in all of its departments and agencies. It’s destroying our traditions,” Levin said.

“We now have a government that’s banning household products from light bulbs to automobiles in order to control your life. We have a government that is destroying your lifestyle; driving up the cost of energy. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

He said Trump’s indictment proves the Democrats aligned against him “will use any tool they can. They don’t care about free speech. They don’t care about the Bill of Rights. They don’t care about attorney-client privilege … This is a Democrat Party that is power-hungry, and they see an opportunity right now to monopolize the government and politics forevermore.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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