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By Wes Walker,

Mark Levin is coming in hot. He is not pulling punches. He uses his knowledge of the law and Constitution to shred the premise of these indictments to ribbons.

After the news broke about the DOJ indicting Trump, Hannity had Mark Levin on his show. Mark was primed and ready like you’d seldom seen him before.

Mark Levin isn’t shy about getting worked up over a hot issue. But this might be the spiciest you’ve ever seen him yet.

And he has every reason to be mad. Ultimately, this witch-hunt hinges on a document case, not a criminal one. This is a war against Trump, against Republicans, and against the Republic itself.


He fish-slaps the special counsel, Biden’s AG, and Biden himself.

Yes, the same clowns WE’ve been mocking store with an FBIDEN hat and a bunch of corrupt FBI shirts and mugs. Our banner has some examples:

He unloads a litany of greater offenses perpetrated by the people leading this witch-hunt against him.

He ripped Biden and his own sketchy history into a new one.

And he wasn’t done there.

If this isn’t enough to get your heart pumping, check to ensure you still have a pulse.

This is Mark Levin at his best at explaining the truth.

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