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By Jeff Davidson

One of my teeth was disappearing behind another, and to properly correct the situation, I had to contemplate a $6,500 dental fee. I was also facing obstacles professionally and personally. Even if I resolved the 6 to 8 problems that I faced, undoubtedly, others would take their place.

Everybody, everywhere, nearly all the time, has about 6 to 8 significant problems.  They could be related to relationships, health, career, finances, or unresolved traumas and dramas. Undoubtedly, millions of people are encountering some of the same problems that you are currently facing. Yet, it’s likely that everyone’s 6 to 8 problems represent a distinct package – probably no one else, problem-for-problem, confronts exactly what you face at any given moment.

The Micro and the Macro

Beyond what we face personally, the nation is under stress, perhaps, like never before, period. We were unified in WWI and WW2, even in Vietnam for a while, and certainly in the Gulf War. Today, the ideological war, a war of attrition that the Left is waging on all of our institutions, is unprecedented. So, the personal problems that we face sometimes, by comparison, seem small, until they come roaring back.

If President Trump had rightfully succeeded to his second term, much of what we face nationally would not be an issue, period. Then, each of us would have a better opportunity to focus on those micro issues that persist in our lives.

Often, we are steeped in our own problems and fail to recognize that no one gets to skip along, day after day, without issues and challenges of vital personal concern. Everyone you meet is grappling with something.

The Universality of Humanity

The most successful, confident, and healthy among us might be adept at conveying the image of a relatively problem-free life. Meanwhile, they are concerned about their issues as you are with yours.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Sometimes the battles of others are apparent to us; more often, they are not. Still, they do exist.

If you’ve ever attended a group therapy session, or a gathering where people focus on spirituality or self-growth topics, then you know firsthand that others you meet have issues much like yours.

Everyone Has Issues

With the above in mind, we can choose to be a bit kinder in our encounters. The driver who cut you off in traffic, or the store clerk who is short with you, is exhibiting manifestations of their problems. Everyone is fighting a battle, and some are fighting very hard ones. Our awareness of such allows us to stay better balanced, more empathetic, and ultimately more effective in the world.


Jeff Davidson is “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management.


Jeff Davidson


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