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China’s Cookbook a Weapon of War

Everything there that crawls, flies or swims is ill-tempered, lethal and could slow invaders, but that the Chinese know how to cook and eat everything may well save the invaders and simplify invasion logistics by making a vermin cookbook a weapon of war.

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Is Russia the Enemy?

The Democrats and the “legacy” news media have purposely poisoned the relationship between the Good Ole U.S.A. and Mother Russia and that type of interference in a relationship that might otherwise have improved over the past two years for the benefit of both nations should ring the bell of...

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The Truth About Pit Bulls

This is still America and you can own any dam dog you want, as long as you’re willing to be responsible for that dog. You shouldn’t get to own a dog and then if it mauls someone, walk away and leave the victim with the bill because you don’t...

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