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Is it any wonder our Democratic Republic has gotten so screwed up these past few decades (and maybe longer)?

I have paid attention more to the news and Politics these past thirty to fifty years, than previously in my adult life.  I am fascinated by the process.

However, the ‘process’ has become entangled within itself. Perhaps it was a good thing we have had this “Businessman” thrust upon us into the Oval Office.  Another Politician, likely, would have plunged us into the historical depths of time, never to return.

A Politician, in the Dictionary, is described as “… one who is actively involved in politics …”; and politics is defined as “…  the act of governing … “.

They, in Washington D.C., may be active, but not in governing. They are so wrapped up in the red tape they have wrapped around the “process”, that I am reminded of a drunken spider attempting to spin a web.

Nothing gets done in a timely manner. The numerous committees seem to be overlapping in their respective responsibilities, and, in my opinion, have trampled on each other. I see this same scenario in our evolving technological world. Simplicity has been put aside for convenience. We, as a Society, have given much of our inner selves, our responsibilities to ourselves, to the automation of our world.

Put your Cell phones down. Connect to your World; to your friends and neighbors and family. I believe, if we take more time to read, to take in the beauty of our Planet, and to interact with each other, we may possibly be able to regain our Human self. Reasoning and common sense may hopefully return, and once again we will learn to use our Brains in a more efficient manner. At the rate we are heading today, I fear we will lose our mentality, for, just as a muscle within the body itself, it must be used to grow. And the more we depend on technology to “improve” our lives, the more we will need technology, and the closer we come to mechanical robots ruling our World.

I fear our governing bodies have fallen into the trap of convenience and procrastination. We pay them to govern 24/7; but it appears they take too much time in recess, in Holiday times stretched out, and discussion behind closed doors with their many, many committees.

This most recent embarrassing situation in our Government is the worse I have seen in my entire life; not to mention the behavior of President Clinton in his total disrespect for our Oval Office.

The total politicizing of the process of placing a qualified person on the Supreme Court has debased our system, it has insulted those already on the Court, and it has thrown us into the gutter of the World. Our Representatives are behaving like two teams in the Superbowl of power. They have completely disregarded the people; they have played to their own rules; and with them, anything goes.

Their stark division along Party lines has put our Society and our Civilization at the bottom of the “food chain”. We have put these people there, to do our bidding, not to promote their individual stature of financial and social status.

We must get the message to our Government. Strongly and persistently. Not by violent protesting, not by heckling at meetings and rallies. But quietly, and in strong numbers, if protesting, and most importantly by vote! I repeat my previous words in another writing: DO NOT VOTE ALONG PARTY LINES!!!

Use your intelligence, your maturity; decide on who to vote for by what they have shown you. By what they have said and done. It is easy to check the individual Congressional voting records on the Internet.

We must stop the mudslinging. We must show our respect and dignity, and the dignity and respect of, and for, others.

President Trump, in his campaign, has spoken to the middle American people; and the middle civilization of all Societies of this, our beloved Planet. For that is where the world is. Not the upper class that looks upon all others as beneath them, and not the poor, who are struggling to just exist. The middle ground has always been the supporting rock of our Civilization, which is composed of the folks that are happy and willing to be the builders; those willing to use blood, sweat, and tears to improve our infrastructure, our Education, and our future; and those willing to join the Military to protect us.

Stop your nonsense Legislators! Do your job! Do it with maturity, with common sense, and with all your constituents in mind. REMEMBER! You are there at the will and bidding of the people, and for the people.

God bless America and all who reside therein.

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